Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Source of all Blessings is with us - Emmanuel

The Source of all Blessings is with us - Emmanuel. 
The Provincial and the Members of the Curia

wish each one of you a Merry Christmas and a Grace-filled New Year!

Watch the Christmas program on DD Girnar on 25th December, Wednesday at 2.30 pm and the repeat at 10.00 pm.

With best wishes and in Union of Prayers,
Socius- Gujarat Province
Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj

Friday, December 20, 2013


Grace to love is enough

 The final petition of the Ignatian Take, Lord, and Receive is: “Give me only the grace to love you, for that is enough for me”. Three words must be highlighted: “love”, “grace” and “enough”. The experience of love is so profound that when we love someone we get possessive and protective of them, often selfishly demanding that they play by our rules. We live in tension, fearing that this love will end. In contrast, God’s love is unconditional and it respects and ensures our freedom. Unlike human love which experiences various temperatures and climates, God’s love is constant, eternal. When we surrender ourselves completely to God’s love, we can be ourselves in total freedom of spirit. God’s love is a gratuitous gift – “grace” – that is offered to every creature. Once I accept it and let it take over my life, I experience abundance, fullness. Grace is sufficient unto itself – “enough”. It is the mainspring for everything: enabling me to discern the right choices, to attain the “passionate indifference” (T. de Chardin) of the “third class”, to achieve the unreserved commitment of the third degree of humility. It works miracles. No need for petitions or promises; simply surrender to LOVE.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Remembering Late Fr Terence - Fr.Harry Martis

Remembering Late Fr Terence

The Pre-novices had a meaningful liturgy on 23 November morning on the first month mind of late Fr Terence Lobo, presided over by Fr Cedric Prakash. The prenovices were happy to have some of our community members from Premal Jyoti and Curia for the Eucharist. Fr Alex Thannipara too joined us from Unteshwari! Soon after the breakfast, we went to the cemetery to pay homage to our beloved late Fr Terence. Fr Sudhir led us into a meaningful prayer and each of us decided to keep late Fr Terence alive in our lives by nurturing a quality we admired in him. (Fr Harry Martis)