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Deacon Xavier Arockiam was ordained a priest on 10 October, together with two Andhra Jesuits and five Madurai Jesuits. The ceremony was held in St Joseph’s College Church, Trichy, and the ordaining prelate was Bishop Jude Paul Raj, of Palayamkottai. The three-hour ceremony was well prepared, meaningful and grace filled. The magnificent church overflowed with people and a large number of priests, nuns and religious present. About 250 priests participated in the Eucharistic celebration. Our tertian at Shembaganur, Fr Partick Arockiam, represented Fr.Provincial; Fr Antonidoss, the minister of Satya Nilayamand Sch David Roy were also present.
Fr Xavier celebrated his first thanksgiving Eucharist inSt. Antony’s Church, Alampatti Pudur near Trichy. The preacher appreciated Xavier for opting to work in Gujarat,the land with a lot of anti Christian feelings and communal tension. The congregation prayed for the Jesuits of Gujaratin a special way. After the mass Xavier was taken in a procession through the village to his sister’s place where a felicitation programme was held and all were served a festive meal.
Last word: When Xavier arrived at the Jesuit Residence inTrichy many, mistaking him for the PCF of the province asked him where the ordinandi was? You can guess Xavier’sanswer (David Roy).

A Tribute to Rev.Fr.Willam Paul Macwan

A Tribute to Rev.Fr.Willaim Paul macwan

Fr. William Paul was ‘pritipatr’ means to say ‘worthy of love of all’, wrote to me my companion Sunil. That Fr. William was loved by all and he loved all. He was loved by his companions and people which was very much visible at his funeral and at the prayer service who came to pay him homage. His love for nature, music, art, dance, poetry, photography, sports, and scouts in young days was flowing during his ministry as a priest. He went about helping people.Once a catechist master told me an incident about Fr. William. They went to a village to celebrate mass. And Fr. William began his visits to the families. He came across a house. The people of the street told him, “Father, the man in there, is suffering from T.B. Don’t go in.” Fr. William went in and saw him in a very bad health, he said, “How can you leave this man to die this way?” He immediately took the man in a jeep himself as none came forward to touch the man. He dressed the man and took him to the hospital. The vehicle that day he had taken to the village, did not belong to the Fathers. He had to listen to the scolding for taking the T.B. patient in that jeep to the hospital. This did not stop him from doing the good work he began. This was his zeal to work for the poor and needy of our villages.Fr. William Paul had been always on a move. He made sure to visit each and every house in the villages he went. He took so many photos of others but we couldn't find a good snap to print as bookmarks to distribute at his prayer service.When I joined the novitiate he came to see me at home and told me three things and continued to tell me every year. Pray always, don’t miss the prayer. Be committed to the work you are doing, and Don’t get into backbiting and criticizing others, you do your work don’t worry about what others are doing, saying. These tips have helped me through out my formation. As I hear from his companions he too, put these words in practice.On his birthday he told me “By the grace of God a lot of work has been done and good work. God will give me the strength to go through this pain.” “ Praise the Lord and God bless you” were often the words of his greetings.

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Fr.Alpesh Macwan

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On 14th October '09 , the feast day of the martyr John Ogilvie SJ, the young priests came together at XTI, Sevasi, to share their experiences. Frs. Snehal, Nagin and Alpesh were present for the meeting with Fr. Lawrence Dharmaraj. The sharing brought out the three aspects of our lives, prayer, ministry and community. We had an opportunity to take part in the Diwali celebration of XTI and talk to students and staff. Fr. Snehal gave a Diwali message – victory of light over the darkness, inviting each student to be a lamp which gives light to the world. It was a meaningful day spent together.

Fr.Alpesh Macwan

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My Magis Moment!

My Magis Moment!
I would like to share my experience where I made use of the opportunity to live 'my Magis Moment' while pursuing master’s degree in science in the year 1981 at Ahmedabad. Even today as I recall, I feel once again a sense of gratitude to God, people, companions in the Society, and Superiors at various stages of formation, for having allowed me to live 'my Magis moment'.
At the time of my studies (Master’s degree in Science), I preferred to reside with the workers of our various educational institutions at Hill Nagar. There were about 30 families sheltered at Hill Nagar – Ahmedabad.( now it is called Sughadpanth where the present prenovitate exists). I preferred that setup to stay and to pursue my post graduate studies to remind myself that my commitment to the study of post graduation was for the sake of the dispreviledged people of Gujarat.

While I was pursuing my studies, I also offered tuition classes for the children of the employees of our educational institution residing at Hill Nagar. The poor families needed some economic help too, with the help of the St.Xavier’s social service institution (with the help of Fr.Erviti), we could run a self employment program of Quilt cover making. Over 30 women benefited from this program. Along with master’s degree in science, I also got the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of Gujarati. That was 'my Magis moment' in the year 1981. Though today these families are resettled in various locations in the city of Ahmedabad, they fondly and reverentially remember those past events and express their deep gratitude for the help offered to their children's education and for organizing a self employment program for the women.

Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj s.j

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Reconciliation with creation!

Reconciliation with Creation!

Care of the environment affects the quality of our relationships with God, with other human beings, and with creation itself. It touches the core our faith in and love for God,"from whom we come and towards whom we are journeying". It might be said that St.Ignatius teaches us this care of the environment in the principle and foundation when speaking of the goodness of creation, as well as in the Contemplatio ad Amorem when describing the active presence of God within creation.

G.C 35:3.32