Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Magis Moment!

My Magis Moment!
I would like to share my experience where I made use of the opportunity to live 'my Magis Moment' while pursuing master’s degree in science in the year 1981 at Ahmedabad. Even today as I recall, I feel once again a sense of gratitude to God, people, companions in the Society, and Superiors at various stages of formation, for having allowed me to live 'my Magis moment'.
At the time of my studies (Master’s degree in Science), I preferred to reside with the workers of our various educational institutions at Hill Nagar. There were about 30 families sheltered at Hill Nagar – Ahmedabad.( now it is called Sughadpanth where the present prenovitate exists). I preferred that setup to stay and to pursue my post graduate studies to remind myself that my commitment to the study of post graduation was for the sake of the dispreviledged people of Gujarat.

While I was pursuing my studies, I also offered tuition classes for the children of the employees of our educational institution residing at Hill Nagar. The poor families needed some economic help too, with the help of the St.Xavier’s social service institution (with the help of Fr.Erviti), we could run a self employment program of Quilt cover making. Over 30 women benefited from this program. Along with master’s degree in science, I also got the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of Gujarati. That was 'my Magis moment' in the year 1981. Though today these families are resettled in various locations in the city of Ahmedabad, they fondly and reverentially remember those past events and express their deep gratitude for the help offered to their children's education and for organizing a self employment program for the women.

Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj s.j

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