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Oblation and Surrender - Hedwig Lewis SJ

Oblation and Surrender

Hedwig Lewis SJ

Through the Spiritual Exercises, a Jesuit makes two distinct commitments. The first is contained in the prayer to Christ the Eternal King, with phrases like: “I make my OBLATION: I want and desire… my deliberate determination … I bear…” [SE 98].  I commit myself to act as a worthy disciple of Christ. I am aware that God’s grace is absolutely necessary; I presuppose that Christ will “choose or accept me”. Nevertheless, this commitment is to a style of leadership centred on MY activity.

A second, couched in the prayer “Take and Receive” (SE 234), is the ultimate commitment suggested by St Ignatius. I SURRENDER my capacities to God. I make no promises to engage myself in God’s cause, or to accomplish or achieve anything. My inner faculties are at God’s disposal; God becomes the prime mover of my life. I place myself so completely in God’s hands that I do not even specify what God should give me. God’s grace “is enough for me’. I simply trust in God’s providence, with total Ignatian indifference. As GOD directs, I put my love into action.

Revive your Long Retreat commitment. Renew your oblation and surrender!

Ordination Of Rev. Fr. Simon S.J. and Sanjay S.J.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ordinations of Sanjay Parmar and Simon Thomas- Fr. Sunil Macwan

Ordinations of Sanjay Parmar and Simon Thomas
Dec 29 was the day of ordination of deacons Sanjay Parmar and Simon Thomas. Nearly one thousand people including scores of priests and nuns gathered at St Xavier’s Parish Navrangpura for this heartwarming ceremony. In the brightly decorated parish church, Bishop Thomas Macwan conferred priesthood on the two Jesuit deacons who were dressed in immaculate white cassocks, as their parents and close relatives seated close to the altar looked on and prayed with “hearts filled with gladness”.

Frs Sanjay and Simon join the company of their newly ordained batch mates Frs Antony SureshDavid Roy and Harry Martis

The expert compere, Fr Ashok Vaghela did a commendable job as the master of ceremony in tandem with Fr Francis Macwan. The choir led by Fr Siddharth permeated the ambiance with melodious singing and lively music. After the mass as people thronged to greet the newly ordained priests, Fr Ronald Sanctis and team served a delicious meal to all guests. Kudos to Fr Valerian Dias, the parish priest of St Xavier’s Navrangpura for readily accepting the responsibility as the host and chief organizer of this ordination ceremony and executing it to perfection to the joy and delight of one and all! (Sunil Macwan)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A wonderful example of Love and Commitment

Miss .Smita – who was in coma for the past eight years (the Sister of Fr.Snehal Parma- Sevasi Tech) died at 2.00 a.m and the funeral is at 2.00p.m 28 Dec 2012 at Xavier’s Church Gamdi, Anand.
           Kindly click the link above to view the interview of the  family of Fr.Snehal who serves as a wonderful example of love and commitment at the service of the bed ridden family member

Ignatian Leadership Programme -Fr.Raymund Chauhan

Ignatian Leadership Programme
 Sixteen middle-aged Jesuits of our province flocked together for their Ignatian Leadership follow-up programme at Saputara from 18 to 21 November. This was a second follow-up programme of this group under the able, wise and experienced leadership of Fr J M Heredero. This time the group had the privilege of yet another eminent Jesuit of our province Fr Franco, who brought in a lot of his experiences of the universal society. Both Frs Heredero and Franco, the odd couple as it were, came with well-planned inputs, centred on “effective and affective communication, dialogue and leadership.”

As the middle aged Jesuits climbed up the only Hill Station of Gujarat – Saputara, they also began to climb up slowly and gradually the heights of Ignatian Leadership. The group felt very much at home with each other, acting, reacting and interacting with each in sessions and outside sessions while relaxing. There was no inhibition of any kind from any quarter. To add to it the host – the Shamgahan Fathers – went all out of their way to prepare dishes that our Jesuits relished. At the end of programme the group decided to have a retreat in common in the coming Diwali Vacation at Mt Abu. It seems that the prevalent scarcity of Jesuit Leadership may reduce by such enriching and enhancing programmes in the province! Hats off to Frs. Heredero and Franco and of course the host. (Raymund Chauhan)

Monday, December 17, 2012

“Package tour” to Bethlehem- Fr.Hedwig Lewis

“Package tour” to Bethlehem
Hedwig Lewis SJ
Those who contemplate the Nativity tableau (“Crib”) with the Ignatian “composition of place” and “application of senses” can “draw much profit”.
St Ignatius suggests that you “compose” yourself so as to stay focused in prayer and find an entry point from exterior distractions to interior composure. Your imagination can then place you at the heart of the Nativity scene, so much so that you “smell and taste, with the senses, the infinite fragrance and sweetness of the Divinity.”
God speaks through your imagination just as he speaks to you through your relationships with other people, your ordinary experiences, desires, emotions and the like. And the active application of senses leads you to the passive reception of divine intimacy.
The “profit” you draw does not consist in the “lessons” learned during the contemplation. Rather, it is the realization of how God has impacted your mind-set through his word, powerfully enough to transform your life. The “profit” is God’s Christmas gift to you!
The Contemplations of the Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises offer a “package tour” of the sacred spots in the Holy Land. Why not take advantage of this pre-paid ticket for a return-trip to Bethlehem this Christmas?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fr.Sebastian Puthuparambil passed away

Fr.Sebastian Puthuparambil- 73 years old (Udaipur Diocese) died around 3.00a.m on 14 Dec 2012. The funeral will be held at Udaipur on 15 Dec 2012 at 2.00p.m. He was a Jesuit for 19 Years ( from 1957- 1976). Kindly keep him in your prayers.
Yours truly,

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fr .Ordonez Ignacio Passed away

Fr .Ordonez Ignacio (GUJ) 84/68 expired this morning due to heart attack (08- 12-2012 ) at Unteshwari. The funeral will be held at 5.00 p.m ( today) in  Unteshwari  Shrine, Kadi  on  08-12-2012.
Please remember him in your prayers.

Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj SJ

To View the funeral ceremony of Late Fr.Ordonez Ignacio, Kindly click the link given below:

Personal Information

Birth: 23 -10-1928  (Spain, Navarra)
Entered SJ: 26-08-1944 ( Loyola Spain)
Priesthood: 24-03-1958 ( Anand- Gujarat)
Final vows: 02-02-1977 ( Nanakantharia)

One of the First Missionaries  from Spain to Gujarat

The first batch of Spaniards from Aragon Province (all of whom had previously received the formal appointment to Chaina) arrived in Ahmedabad city in February 1949. Since there were no direct international flights from Europe to Asia at the time, the Jesuits had to change flights several times on their itinerary: Madrid-Rome, Rome-Athens, Athens-Karachi, Karachi-Ahmedabad. The 6 pioneers are: Hilario Azpitarte, Miguel Angel Urrutia, Ignacio Ordonez, Jose Luis Lopetegui, Ramon Eizaguirre and Felix Ilarraz.

Responsibilities held
Asst PP: Retreat house, Baroda—1960
PP at Gothada—1961
Asst PP at Bhiloda—1971-1973
PP at Nanakantharia -- !973-1983
Socius to the Provincial –1984-1989
PP at Meghrej –1989-1993
Asst PP at Meghrej—1993-1994
Asst.PP at Bhiloda—1994-2004
Asst.PP at Unteshwari—2004-2012

Bible Convention at Dadhwada

Bible Convention at Dadhwada

To celebrate meaningfully the Year of Faith, Dadhwada Mission organized the first-ever Bible Convention for the Diocese of Baroda, from 15 to 18 November. Fr George and his team from Delhi led the faithful to understand and deepen their faith. This convention was solemnly inaugurated by Bishop Godfrey. The theme was 1) Faith: source of our Christian Life 2) Faith: leading to reconciliation 3) Faith: leading to experience us to God’s Love 4) Fruit of Faith: anointing by the Holy Spirit. Though the sermons preached were in Hindi, it was easily understood and served as an instrument to deepen the faith. Bishop Thomas Macwan, of Ahmedabad was the main celebrant on the second day and Archbishop Stanislaus Fernandes was the main celebrant on the third day.

Mr Rupsing and the team from Unai Parish sang inspirational bhajans all through the convention, providing a devotional atmosphere. Almost 3000 and more devotees benefited from the sacrament of Reconciliation. The Fathers, the Sisters and the catechists from different parishes of South Gujarat accompanied their faithful in large numbers to this convention. Many were touched and healed from their sicknesses and thus their faith was strengthened. Many faithful from Dadhwada Parish and other parishes contributed generously in various capacities towards the success of the convention. Fr Jelastin from Khambholaj parish guided the Fathers, the Sisters and the convention committee of Dadhwada Parish and he did a wonderful work as the facilitator during the convention. Witnessing the large number and display of faith of the participants, the faithful expressed a strong desire to have such conventions in South Gujarat in the future. (Fr. James Vas)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Bible Convention at Anand

Bible Convention at Anand

In order to mark the beginning of the Year of Faith a Bible Convention  was held in the premises of St Xavier’s High School Gamd, Anand from 15 to 18 Nov. It was +organized by Anand Deanery and hosted by Anand Community. Banarasi Swamiji and founder of Matrudham Ashram in Varanasi Rev Fr Anil Dev IMS was the main preacher along with his team. Fr Anil, in his fluent Hindi and magnetic preaching kept the entire crowd under the beautiful shamiana calm and devoted. The spectacular backdrop prepared by Artist Satish on Faith, Reconciliation, Mother Mary and Holy Spirit based on each day's theme, and colourful banners in the campus depicting quotations on faith, and so on,  added extra beauty to the entire atmosphere, motivating people to experience  God's presence and energizing their faith. Frs Piyus Parmar, Maxim Crasta, the musician Moksha and the choir team, provided mellifluous music No wonder the last day of Bible Convention attracted a record crowd of more than five thousand people reciting "Prabhu ki Stuti, Ishwar ko Dhanyavad" and Alleluia. Many people were healed of various sicknesses and many left their walking sticks. The food for the body was not less as nourishing as the food for the soul. The Youth along with the parish volunteers did a marvellous task providing 20 food counters and serving the food to entire crowd in less than an hour without any difficulty. One and all appreciated the arrangements, food, all the facilities provided. Some were given boarding and lodging also. People were amazed with all the work done by our parishioners and thanked all of us. The parish Priest Fr Albert Delgado,  had left no stone unturned for the success of the Bible Convention. His foresight, hard work and encouragement brought the leap of faith for the people. Hats off to Fr Albert Delgado and his team!  Really Gamdi Parish's flag remains high with spirit in the Church of Gujarat!  (Fr Nagin Macwan)

Friday, November 30, 2012


There were about 350 students attended for the concluding ceremony of the English Access program that was conducted in four centres. The Hall was packed with the students, parents and the invited guests. It was a memorable experience. The students were able to show the people their talents and knowledge of English through the Drams, Skits, songs, speeches and declamations. Though it was a hectic job to organize the programme for such a big number and that to bring the students from 4 different schools in the same place, it has brought out the best in me. I am ever grateful to the community here for giving me the courage and freedom. (Jestin)

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012

Mayor Eric J Kellogg’s speech honoring renowned human rights activist and Jesuit priest, Fr. Cedric Prakash, s.j.

Dear Council Members and my fellow citizens,
It is my privilege to welcome you all today to this event, which symbolizes the values of our nation and the spirit of the City of Harvey. We are gathered here today to appreciate and honor a man who lives thousands of miles away, but whose heart beats for peace, justice and the wellbeing of all humanity. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming renowned human rights activist and Jesuit priest from India Fr. Cedric Prakash!
You may recall that in March of this year, our City Council passed a resolution condemning the horrific massacres in Gujarat in 2002, and expressing solidarity with the victims and survivors of that pogrom. The Gujarat pogrom is known for the killing of over 2,000 people and the displacement of over 150,000, and indeed represents one of the darkest chapters in Indian history. On the other hand, the struggle for justice in the aftermath of the Gujarat carnage is a story of selfless service, of a relentless quest for peace and of undying love for humanity. Fr. Cedric Prakash is one of those rare individuals who symbolize these great qualities.
Fr. Cedric Prakash is the director of an organization called Prashant in the city of Ahmedabad, which was the epicenter of the horrendous crimes against humanity that were perpetrated in Gujarat in 2002. The organization is in the forefront of monitoring and documenting human rights violations and advocating for religious harmony. Fr. Prakash himself, as the founding director of this organization has worked tirelessly to build bridges among various groups, and to secure justice and rehabilitation for the survivors. He has also been vocal in highlighting the ongoing plight of minorities in Gujarat and other parts of India.
Fr. Prakash’s work in the field of humanitarian advocacy predates the tragic events in Gujarat.  He has worked ceaselessly to bring about religious harmony in the diverse religious landscape of India. This cause, for which he has worked selflessly for several decades, has been recognized in India and abroad. In 1995, the President of India conferred him with the Kabir Puraskar, for his work in the promotion of religious harmony. In 2003, the Indian American Muslim Council presented him with the Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Award for Humanitarian Work. In 2006, he was named Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, one of the highest French civilian awards, in recognition of his commitment to the defense and the promotion of Human Rights in India. The same year, the National Minorities Commission of India also honored him with the Minorities Rights Award.
Today, we in the City of Harvey have the honor of having Fr. Cedric Prakash in our midst. As Mayor of this wonderful city, it is my privilege to pay tribute to Fr. Prakash, and the cause of justice and interfaith harmony that he and his organization symbolize.
Fr. Prakash’s work shows us that in the midst of appalling cruelty and terrible crimes against humanity, there exists compassion, selflessness and an inspiring conviction in the brotherhood of humanity.  Fr. Prakash’s persistent struggle for justice is a reminder of the proverb, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkeness.
Thank you and God Bless You!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Katha by Fr.Vinay Macwan in MP3 CD

Katha by Fr.Vinay Macwan in MP3 CD , named ‘Bhala Mora Deva’ was released at Khambholaj by Bishop. Thomas Macwan on Diwali. It was the second one of this kind. The first one, named ‘Katha Sangat’ was released in the year of youth 2012 by BBN. “Katha Sangat” was the fruit of the joint effort of the Katha team at Khambhat and the keyboard player Anand J.Macwan. Both the CDs were well received by the Catholics of Kheda and South Gujarat. Many Congratulations to You!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bal Sahitya Puraskar Sahitya Akademi

Kavi Yoseph Macwan Will be felicitated on 20 Nov 5.00p.m and 21 Nov 9.00 a.m at Bal Ghandharv Rang Mandir, Jungli Maharaj Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune. He is given the award from the  Bal Sahitya Puraskar Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi for his work on “Bal Sahitya” on this occasion at Pune. Many Congratulations to Kavi Yoseph Macwan!

Xavier’s Rocks at Youth Festival - Fr.Vincent Braganza

Xavier’s Rocks at Youth Festival
College played host to the 2012 Gujarat University Ellisbridge South Zone Youth Festival named ‘Tarang’. The event brought in waves of students from nearly 50 colleges who participated in 27 events. 26 of these were held in the superb infrastructure of the college premises which were highly appreciated by participating students as well as in-charge staff and Principals. The coordinator for Youth Affairs, Mr Chavda, was deeply impressed and was specially taken up with the organizational capabilities instilled in our students. At the events level, Xavier’s topped in 15 events, creating a record. For the first time in the 57 years of the college, it won the folk dance event. Proof of the pudding came at the inter-zonal which was hosted by a college in Viramgam, where over 150 colleges participated. We came away winning 14 out of the 15 events which we were allowed to participate in. We were declared overall champions and once more created a record in the history of the college.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Year of Faith - Fr.Nagin Macwan

Year of Faith

The inauguration of the Year of Faith was held on the grounds of Catholic Church, Gamdi-Anand on 14 October. Bishop Thomas Macwan presided at the Eucharist which began at 3 p.m. The liturgy was meticulously planned out by the event coordinator Fr Titus D’Costa. Sr Manisha, principal of St Ann’s, Nadiad was the MC for the ceremony.

It began with a procession, with different age-groups of people from different deaneries lighting the lamp. There was a beautiful prayer-dance by Vimal Miriam Girls at the Offertory. The outstanding figure was Fr Pariza, the oldest living missionary of Gujarat Mission who, together with the old catechist master Mr Paul Damian, unveiled the LOGO of the Year of Faith. During his homily Bp Thomas encouraged the laity to partake daily in the mass during this year of faith. About 3000 people were present to witness this event along with 24 Fathers at the altar. Anand Mission is the cradle of the Gujarat Church. (Fr Nagin Macwan)

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Pilgrims Scho.Nilesh Macwan

The Pilgrims
Under the able guidance of Fr Joseph Valiamangalam, Rector of G.V.D, we the second year students of theology had gone to Haridwar, Rushikesh and Jaiharical as part of our contextual theology programme (CTP).  It was truly a divine experience in “Dev Bhumi”- the abode of God, in the midst of the Himalayas. The pilgrimage to these cradles of Hinduism opened the way for us to understand the spirituality of this multi-branched religion called Hinduism. This enabled us to go deeper into the socio-cultural analysis of the so called Hinduism and their spiritual formation. It was nothing but a pure witnessing of God at work through various religions and in particular Hinduism. It was not merely a visit to the holy lands of Hinduism but it became part and parcel of the divine experience through the means of the faith of Hinduism. This CTP-12 will remain a memorable one as it strengthened our rootedness in Christ and cultivated openness to the other religions. This experience has become a means to prepare ourselves to the new ways of evangelization and to present Jesus in an Indian way. We were fortunate enough to have a little taste of Ashram life at “Jeevan Dhara Ashram” in Jaiharical run by CMI congregation. The soothing atmosphere of silence, solitude, prayer and oneness with the nature at the Ashram blended with noble values of simplicity, poverty and purity of thoughts in experiencing God there. We are much obliged to our Rector for arranging such an enriching pilgrimage and his availability. We are indeed indebted in kindness to Fr Devis CMI, Fr Thomas Kochumattam CMI, Acharya   Atmaswaroopnanda of Shivanand Ashram, Turiya and Atmajyoti matajis for their valuable contribution to make this CTP a great success. (Sch Nilesh Macwan)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The annual Yatras

The Annual Yatras
This past week has been a moment of grace for the Church in Gandhinagar Archdiocese. On 22 October, many gathered for the annual ‘yatra’ to Unteshwari Mata Maria Mandir. The homily of Fr Francis Parmar was so moving that the faithful reciprocated with thunderous applause. The ‘yatra’ in this Year of Faith was a faith experience with pilgrims coming from as far as Talasari and guests from abroad. The local community welcomed the guests and encouraged one another by providing and sharing the community meal. Under the leadership of Fr Prasad, the local parish community contributed their mite to make the melo a great success.
Two days later the focus shifted to Sabarkantha, where in 1962 Swami Deendayanand- Luis Espasa began to visit the villages around Bhiloda and thus establish the mission at Mankroda-Bhiloda. The annual feast of Our Lady at Mankroda-Bhiloda is kept on Dassera which this year fell on 24 October. Hence that date was chosen to celebrate the
Golden Jubilee of the birth of Catholic Church in Sabarkantha. To prepare for the event and share responsibilities, the Sisters and Fathers had held several meetings, and on 2 October came together in Himmatnagar for a day of prayer.
Four members of the Espasa’s family were present for the jubilee celebration on 24 Oct. Bishop Devprasad Ganawa came from Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh). Laity, priests and religious from many parishes of Gandhinagar and our neighbouring Dioceses of Ahmedabad, Jhabua, Udaipur joined in the celebration of our one faith in Jesus and to thank God for Fr Espasa and the many missionaries who have laboured to preach the Good News to the people. The jubilee programme began with the ‘aarti’ to Our Lady. Then the congregation went in procession around the mission compound onto the main road and gathered for the Eucharistic celebration which began with the ‘story’ of the growth of the Church that has reached Poshina in the north and Bayad in the south. The ‘tree-story’ was a true story with the actors being the Espasa family members, priests, religious, catechists from the different centers and the vocations – priests, sisters, seminarians and scholastics – as the symbolic fruit of the Catholic community of Sabarkantha. The Archbishop accompanied by Bishop Ganawa, Fr Rocky D’Silva, the dean Fr Peter D’Souza and Fr Lawrence Dharmaraj presided at the Eucharist with Fr Kamji Dund preaching the homily. Till the vote of thanks by the Parish Priest, Fr Stany Pinto, the congregation remained in an attitude of devout reverence for the near five-hour programme!
A simple yet tasty community meal was served around the grounds opposite the parish church. Alongside the convent was an exhibition of the history and apostolates of each mission center. The celebration was ‘an effort to keep … the unity of Spirit… There is one body, one spirit … There is one God, one faith, one baptism. ..’ (Ephes. 4.3-5). All the priests, religious and faithful of Sabarkantha and especially Bhiloda parish contributed in some way their time and mite to make the celebration a success. (Adapted from the Archbishop’s letter).

Friday, October 12, 2012

Excellence in Social work-award

Excellence in Social work-award

On 22 September, The Christian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mumbai, honoured Fr Cedric Prakash with the “Excellence in Social work” award. Mrs Margaret Alva the Governor of Rajasthan presented the award. Congratulations! On 24 Sept Fr Cedric went to Mangalore to deliver the keynote address at the National Seminar on "Human Rights Advocacy: an essential for Social Change" organized by St Aloysius College, Mangalore.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The New Testament in Braille ( Gujarati ) - Fr.Girish

Finally the New Testament in Braille ( Gujarati ) is ready.
Releasing of the same is scheduled on 12.10.2012 during the inaugural Mass of the Year of Faith at Gandhinagar Cathedral.
The New Testament in Braille Will be released by Rt.Rev. Stanislaus Fernandes, SJ, Abp. of Gandhinagar.
Girish, SJ

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Platinum Jubilee - By Fr.Lawrence Lobo

Platinum jubilee

Fr Pablo Gil’s 70 years in Religious life was celebrated with gusto! The first celebration was at the Good Shepherd Seminary with Seminarians and a few priests and Sisters of the neighbourhood. Bishop Godfrey was by his side at the concelebration. Fr Provincial joined in for the entertainment programme, which was followed by a delicious dinner. The second celebration was held at Rosary community with a few Jesuits from the district communities. Both the Celebrations were simple, as Fr Pablo wanted them to be, but the warmth and the spirit that accompanied them were mighty strong and exuberant.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jesuit Education & Global Networking - Fr.Charles Aruldass

Jesuit Education & Global Networking

For the first time in the history of the Society of Jesus, with the encouragement of Father General, an International Colloquium on Jesuit Secondary Education was held from 29 July through 2 AugustIt was organized by the International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education, for the leaders of our secondary schools from around the world, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Its purpose was to strengthen our global network by providing a venue to share ideas and resources and to discuss our strengths and challenges in the light of our Jesuit mission and identity as contained in the documents of GC 35.

At the conclusion of the meeting the delegates were convinced that the new “signs of the times” warrant a change in our way of proceeding. This includes on-going communication and collaboration through a continued development of our international network of schools. The goals of our collaboration will be to better serve the faith, justice, and care for the environment, to build bridges between youth and their faith communities, to develop stronger Jesuit/Ignatian Apostolic communities, and to provide our students with opportunities for a truly global education.

Our international network of schools is uniquely suited to educate global citizens who will be able to participate in a globalization of solidarity, cooperation, and reconciliation that fully respects human life and dignity, and all of God’s creation.  Our commitment to networking as a universal body, and our call to the frontiers, comes from our awareness of the world and our desire to effectively help students face global challenges. (Charles Aruldass, PCE)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ignatian Spirituality in everyday life - Mrs Beulah Saldanha

Ignatian Spirituality in everyday life

The parish priest of St Xavier’s College Parish, Navarangpura offered parishioners a unique opportunity to make the Ignatian 19th annotation retreat over a period of 8 months, from November 2011 to June 2012. It was conducted by Fr Ornellas Coutinho every Wednesday, for an hour, after the evening mass. Many made their annotation retreat and profited immensely from it. (Mrs Beulah Saldanha)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Union-State Relations Seminar-Jyothi Xavier

Union-State Relations Seminar

The nation today is passing through critical times and more so in the arena of Indian polity. Today, more than ever, there is a renewed interest in the discourse on Union-State relations. The Centre for Culture and Development (CCD) organized a National Seminar from 24-25 August, titled “INDIAN FEDERALISM: Intergovernmental Relations Revisited: Towards a Fresh Balance of Power”. Fr Lancy Lobo, the Director of CCD in his introduction ignited sparks for an intellectual engagement during the seminar. The seminar was organized to initiate a discussion and debate among academicians, social activists, research scholars and organizations that are committed to federalism and to create a platform to bring about a restructuring of Union-State relations. Fr Jose Changa along with other dignitaries inaugurated the two-day seminar with the lighting of the lamp.

Dr Subash Kashyap, a renowned constitutional expert delivered the Keynote address.  The seminar was structured into six sessions dealing with topics such as Indian Federalism, Federalism and Decentralization, Fiscal Federalism, Regionalism and Federalism, Indian Security and Federalism and Natural Resources. There were 24 papers presented by some of the leading academicians and activists from all over the country. The two Jesuit speakers were Cedric Prakash and V Sebastian.  At the end of each session, there was an interesting and engaging discussion among the participants. The local, regional and national media gave coverage to this seminar. The concluding address was given by Dr Shrimati Kamala, the Governor of Gujarat. She also released a book titled “Economy and Society in Globalizing Gujarat” edited by Lancy Lobo and Jayesh Shah. (Jyothi Xavier)

Golden qualities - Sch Pelevito

Golden qualities

To celebrate 50 years as a religious is certainly a treasured gift from God. On the 9 August the Premal Jyoti Community witnessed the rare dual jubilee celebration of Br George Karekatt and Fr George Ukken. Archbishop Stanislaus presided over the Holy Eucharist. It was a solemn and grace-filled ceremony wherein, the simple yet profound life of Br George was beautifully shared by Fr Provincial. He singled out one pillar of Jesuit identity very much evident in Br George, namely “Availability”. Everyone who participated in the joyous and thanksgiving ceremony was inspired by the spirit of both the jubilarians. (Sch Pelevito) 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

First vows at Premal Jyoti

In the midst of our busy schedule, 20 July marked a memorable day in the history of Premal Jyoti. Sch Cleopas Wekesa Wanyonyi, a promising and exuberant young man from Eastern African Province took his first vows in the Chapel of Premal Jyoti. Fr Jose Changa presided over the Mass and received Wekesa into the Society of Jesus. The birthday celebrations of Fr Minister Shaji and Fr Anthony Pitchai were added joys. In fact, there was so much joy that the refectory could not contain it. (Sch David Kholi)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vidya Rattan Gold Medal Award

On the 25th of July, 2012, while our new President was being sworn in at Rashtrapati Bhavan, not too far away at a function at the Krishna Menon Bhavan, opp. the Supreme Court, New Delhi; Fr. Vincent Braganza; Principal, St. Xavier's College, Ahmedabad, was awarded the Vidya Rattan Gold Medal Award by the Indian Solidarity Council, and the Rajiv Gandhi Education Excellence Award by the International Institute of Education & Management for “Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Education”. The award was conferred by G.K.V. Krishnamurthy, former Chief of the Election Commission; Mr. Joginder Singh, former Director of the CBI; Justice O.P. Verma, former Chief Justice of the Kerala High Court and former Governor of Punjab; Mr. Bhishma Narain Singh, a Gandhian and former Governor of several states and Minister of Education in the Indira Cabinet. The awards were conferred at a seminar on "Education and Socio-economic Development" at which these luminaries presented their views. 
This comes as a much deserved acknowledgement of the creative leadership, not just as Principal, but also through the past 25 years of service rendered at St. Xavier's College by Fr. Vincent Braganza. (From Shweta Wadhwa, Manager - Xavier Research Foundation).

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fr.Anil Lucas Macwan Passed away

Fr . Anil Lucas Macwan (GUJ) 54/34 expired this evening around 9.30p.m ( 22- 07-2012 ) in Nadiad Heart Hospital. He had a severe heart attack  and he died in the Hospital.
The funeral will be held at 4.00p.m in Anand Catholic Church  on Monday (23-07-2012).
Please remember him in your prayers.
Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj SJ

 To View the funeral service, click the link given below:

Personal Information:
Name :
Date of Birth: 05- 01 1958
Entrance in the Society: 30 -07- 1978
Final Vows:  31- 01-1999
Priesthood: 29-04-1989
Died : 22-07-2012

Responsibilities Held:
Pastoral Year: Dediapada& Bharuch -1986
Teacher: Gandhinagar- 1990-1991
Teacher, &Principal: Zankhvav- 1991-1997
Principal: St.Joseph, Baroda: 1997-2000
Principal : Dhandhuka   2000- 2002
Principal: St.Xavier’s Khambhat- 2002-2009
Principal: Sagbara- 2009- 2012

Man of Hard work, Sincerity, sensitivity and Love:

Fr.Anil Lucas Macwan had been a person committed to God in a very personal way. In fact from very early days, as early as his school days, he had an ardent desire to commit himself to God totally. Motivated by this desire, he joined the apostolic school at Loyola Hall, Ahmedabad. His commitment to God found expression in his love for the person of Jesus. His readiness to work for the downtrodden was something remarkable. When he was at Zankhvav, he devoted himself to the cause of the tribal upliftment in terms of providing them with the best formal education possible.

He had been able to interact with people of all kinds at various places such as Baroda, Khambhat, Dhandhuka and Sagbara. With firmness of mind and love in his heart he had been able to deal with them positively. And he had been able to stand up to the values of hard work, sincerity, sensitivity and love.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Amalan from Cambodia

Pax Christi and lot of my love and greetings.

Thank you for constantly updating me with the news of Gujarat. The sudden demise of both Frs.Gorosquita and Anton caused me immense pain and I am sure that they both are in the heavenly aboad for they were great souls who have reaped a great harvest in Gujarat.

I am fine. It's been exactly a month since my arrival here to Cambodia. I feel that I am on the right track aspiring to serve in the Lord's Vineyard. At least 15 hours of ''Khmer classes'' I may have completed. I am progressing ahead to at least utter some words in the local language. The progress is not great but noticeble. I burn midnight oil and am sure that my work will bear fruit.

Today onwards, I am on ''Cambodian Exposure Tour'' which will enable me to know our works in Cambodia. I will travel and stay in each of our Jesuit communities of Cambodia for two days. I am already in a place called ''Banteay Prieb'' which is in the outskirts of Cambodian capital city Phnom Penh. It is a house for the differently abled people. The students here learn sculpture, electronics, sewing. They make wheel chairs, repair TV, mobiles,computers etc, design and produce a lot of attractive cloths, sculpt beautiful religious articles. I love this place and people.

By and large, I am enjoying my stay over here and constantly asking the Lord to endow his graces upon me so that I am master the Khmer language. I ask of your fervant prayers and assure you the same.

Yours in Christ,
Amalan s.j. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Khan Academy

With the backing of Gates and Google, Khan Academy and its free online educational videos are moving into the classroom and across the world. Their goal: to revolutionize how we teach and learn. Sanjay Gupta reports.

To view for information click the link below:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Apostle of Dhandhuka Mission - Lawrence Dharmaraj

To view the funeral service of Fr.Gorosquieta, kindly click the link given below.!

To view an interview of Fr.Goros when he was alive

Fr .Gorosquieta Jose Luis (GUJ) 78/60 expired this evening around 6.00p.m ( 03- 07-2012 ) in Radhanpur. He had a severe heart attack  and he died in the Hospital in Radhanpur.
The funeral will be held at 4.00 p.m in  Catholic Ashram, Dhandhuka  on Wednesday (04-07-2012).
Please remember him in your prayers.
Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj SJ

Personal Information:
Name :
Date of Birth: 18- 06 1934
Entrance in the Society: 07 -09- 1952
Final Vows:  15- 08-1979
Priesthood: 25-03-1965
Died : 03-07-2012

Responsibilities Held:
Asst.PP : Mariampura _ Petlad   1967
Parish Priest (Acting from Mariampura) 1968
Parish Priest- Mariampura –Petlad: 1969
Parish Priest: Dhandhuka 1976 – 2004
Superior : Dhandhuka – Sanand 2004- 2010
Asst PP: Dhandhuka 2004- 2012

Apostle of  Dhandhuka  Mission
He Came to India and went for theological studies in Pune and after that he began to study seriously the Gujarati by attending classes in a local school and practicing it as best as he could whilst visiting the houses of the poor of the neighbourhood to whom he would distribute simple medicines for their various ailments. People also remember with a good deal of amusement his contribution to the ‘simpatico club’ of those days that besides organizing enjoyable recreation, also undertook the serious business of planting trees around De Nobili Colllege where earlier was nothing but rocks.
The people of Mariampura have much to be grateful for. The beautiful church he built for them was only an external expression of the spiritual church of Christ that he helped them to become with much toil and prayer and with particular care for the education of poor students.
Even after the heart operation he was still an inspiration to the younger Jesuits with his missionary activities. He used to go from house to house and village to village in Dhandhuka areas to help the poor to rebuild their  houses and to revive their spirits after the calamitous earthquake of Jan 2001. He undertook a lot of agro-developmental works especially during the drought hit years and organized works for food to those in need and helped the poor farmers with seeds and fertilizers.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Jubilarians of 2011- 2012

To listen to the Jubilarians' journey of life in the Society, kindly click the link given below each of the jubilarians' name.

Br.Agnelo Vaz:
A talk on his Journey of life.(50 years in the Society of Jesus)

Br.Paul Macwan:
A talk on his Journey of life.(50 years in the Society of Jesus)

A talk on his Journey of life.(50 years in the Society of Jesus)

A talk on his Journey of life.(50 years in the Society of Jesus)

A talk on his Journey of life.(50 years in the Society of Jesus)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fr.Anton D'Souza SJ (1936-2012) - By Fr.Francis Parmar

To view the funeral service of Fr .Anton D'Souza, Kindly click the link given below:

Fr. Anton D'Souza, SJ (1936-2012)
We come together this evening to bid our farewell to Fr. Anton D'Souza, SJ, a man for others. Funeral Eucharist is not a time for presenting a panegyric. However, it is a place and time to present before all the good points of the departed and the lessons we can learn from the way he led his life.
Today the Church celebrates the Birthday of John the Baptist, the austere, fearless, at times harsh, precursor of Jesus. Fr. Anton, in many ways reminded one of John the Baptist. Fr. Anton, a man for others, realized the financial need of the family and so, soon after his SSC, began working as a conscientious young man, employed by the Railways in Ajmer. As we heard in the first reading, we are all chosen by God from our mother's womb. At times, that vocation unfolds slowly, as it seems to have happened in the case of Fr. Anton. Anton was well settled in his job when the Lord called him to leave his job, his way of life and follow Him. And this is precisely what he did. At the ripe age of 28 he joined the Society of Jesus to dedicate his life in the service of God and His people in Gujarat. So, the first lesson we learn from his life is, accepting one's responsibility as one sees it, but at the same time, being constantly open to God's further specification of His call or change of vocation.
After his ordination in 1972 at the age of 36 he was appointed Assistant Principal in the newly founded St. Xavier's School, Surat. His facility with accounts and his meticulous work made his superiors to put him as assistant province treasurer. He accepted the job, first working under Fr. Salas, then Fr More and then taking over the reins from Fr More and being the Province Treasurer. After 18 long years in these positions, he accepted to be the treasurer of Vidyajyoti, Delhi.
Here is a person who leaves his job for the service of the Lord and all he is asked to do is carry on work very similar to the one he was doing before joining. I'm sure this would have raised a lot of questions in his mind. On the one hand there is the will of the superiors and on the other, there is the deep desire to undertake pastoral ministry. Here is a man who accepts the assigned work as God's will, does not insist on change but at the same time he takes up pastoral work in his free time. Come evening and Anton would be seen cycling to visit families. Being concerned about families, he dedicated his spare time in Marriage Encounter. Though he began with English speaking couples, later he extended his ministry to Gujarati speaking couples as well. When he got a chance of Sabbatical, he went to USA to familiarize himself with his chosen apostolate. He can be called pioneer of Marriage Encounter in Gujarat.
When he realized that he had done all that he could in and through Marriage Encounter, he moved on to Neo Catechumen. By now, a popular priest, he went all out to deepen the faith of people. A man of faith made sure that others also shared in his faith experience.
To accept Superior's wish, do the work conscientiously, but at the same time, not to neglect the call one feels in one's bones is the second lesson that we learn from the life of Fr. Anton.
Anton was the treasurer. He handled a lot of money. But his own life style was extremely simple. A few baggy pants and bush shirts were perhaps his only possessions. He preached by his word and example.
He was also in charge of Glen View. Taking care of a villa in Mt Abu from A'bad was not an easy task. But Anton would go periodically to Abu, often in the company  of Bro Martin to undertake maintenance work there, take inventory of things and make sure the villa was kept ready for those who wished to go there.
Not many were aware of these various works that Anton undertook. He seems to have put into practice what the Baptist said, namely, "He must increase, I must decrease." Selfless, quiet service is the third lesson of his life.
Where did he get the inspiration, the stamina to undertake all these works? Those who stayed in Premal Jyoti with him will remember Anton with his Breviary in the afternoon hours in the corridors of Premal Jyoti. Mornings in the office with accounts, afternoons with the Lord in Prayer, evenings with the people of God was the routine that Anton accepted for his life. Hard work in the service of God is the fourth lesson of his life.
But he was not a hardened, austere man. He enjoyed a good meal and  light conversation. Presence at any night recreation in Premal Jyoti would show how Anton enjoyed and made sure others enjoyed those recreations. Spending time with the Community is the fifth lesson of his life.
Finally, at the age of sixty he was appointed Assistant PP at Loyola Hall. For five years he did the unassuming work of an assistant. A man of God, strict with himself, expected others to be strict with themselves too. He was pained when he perceived laxity and like the Baptist, lashed out against it. And in spite of those rare outbursts, on the whole, he remained a quiet, calm priest. And that is why, people could make fun of him about his outbursts.
In 2008, at the age of 72, his body could not support his undying spirit and he had to be shifted to the Jeevan Darshan Infirmary. It was sad to see this zealous priest confined to the infirmary, unable to recognize or communicate with people. Enclosed in his own world, he would at times start on a journey, always a replay of one of his apostolic journeys.
Like the Baptist, he chose to play the second fiddle. Like the Baptist, he served the Lord with all his might. Now at last the Lord has called this good and faithful servant to be with Him.
Thank you good Fr. Anton (this was his way of greeting others, calling them good).
May God grant him eternal rest. May we imitate his virtues and one day join him in God's Kingdom, Amen. (Fr.Francis Parmar)

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Fr .Anton D’Souza (GUJ) 76/48 expired this evening around 6.00p.m ( 23- 06-2012 ) in Pillar Hospital, Baroda.The funeral will be held at 4.30 p.m in  Jeevan Darshan Shrine, Baroda  on  24-06-2012. 
Please remember him in your prayers.
Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj SJ
Socius- GUJ

Personal Information:
Name : Fr.Anton D’Souza
Date of Birth:  31-07-1936, Born at Nagoa in Goa.
Entrance in the Society:  08- 01- 1964
Final Vows:  01- 01 - 1980
Priesthood:   25 - 03 – 1972
Died : 23-06-2012

Responsibilities Held:
Asst. Principal :            Surat  (1973 – 1974 )
Asst. Treasurer :           Newman Hall ( 1974 – 1980 )
Treasurer :                    Newman Hall (1980 -1991)
Treasurer :                    Vidya Jyoti ( 1992 – 1996)
Asst. Parish priest :       Loyola, Ahmedabad ( 1996 2001)
Asst.XTI :                    Nadiad  ( 2001 – 2002)
Ministry Catechetical :   Loyola, Ahmedabad ( 2002 – 2007)
Infirmary :                     Baroda ( 2008 – 2012)