Friday, December 7, 2012

Fr .Ordonez Ignacio Passed away

Fr .Ordonez Ignacio (GUJ) 84/68 expired this morning due to heart attack (08- 12-2012 ) at Unteshwari. The funeral will be held at 5.00 p.m ( today) in  Unteshwari  Shrine, Kadi  on  08-12-2012.
Please remember him in your prayers.

Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj SJ

To View the funeral ceremony of Late Fr.Ordonez Ignacio, Kindly click the link given below:

Personal Information

Birth: 23 -10-1928  (Spain, Navarra)
Entered SJ: 26-08-1944 ( Loyola Spain)
Priesthood: 24-03-1958 ( Anand- Gujarat)
Final vows: 02-02-1977 ( Nanakantharia)

One of the First Missionaries  from Spain to Gujarat

The first batch of Spaniards from Aragon Province (all of whom had previously received the formal appointment to Chaina) arrived in Ahmedabad city in February 1949. Since there were no direct international flights from Europe to Asia at the time, the Jesuits had to change flights several times on their itinerary: Madrid-Rome, Rome-Athens, Athens-Karachi, Karachi-Ahmedabad. The 6 pioneers are: Hilario Azpitarte, Miguel Angel Urrutia, Ignacio Ordonez, Jose Luis Lopetegui, Ramon Eizaguirre and Felix Ilarraz.

Responsibilities held
Asst PP: Retreat house, Baroda—1960
PP at Gothada—1961
Asst PP at Bhiloda—1971-1973
PP at Nanakantharia -- !973-1983
Socius to the Provincial –1984-1989
PP at Meghrej –1989-1993
Asst PP at Meghrej—1993-1994
Asst.PP at Bhiloda—1994-2004
Asst.PP at Unteshwari—2004-2012

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