Monday, December 31, 2012

Oblation and Surrender - Hedwig Lewis SJ

Oblation and Surrender

Hedwig Lewis SJ

Through the Spiritual Exercises, a Jesuit makes two distinct commitments. The first is contained in the prayer to Christ the Eternal King, with phrases like: “I make my OBLATION: I want and desire… my deliberate determination … I bear…” [SE 98].  I commit myself to act as a worthy disciple of Christ. I am aware that God’s grace is absolutely necessary; I presuppose that Christ will “choose or accept me”. Nevertheless, this commitment is to a style of leadership centred on MY activity.

A second, couched in the prayer “Take and Receive” (SE 234), is the ultimate commitment suggested by St Ignatius. I SURRENDER my capacities to God. I make no promises to engage myself in God’s cause, or to accomplish or achieve anything. My inner faculties are at God’s disposal; God becomes the prime mover of my life. I place myself so completely in God’s hands that I do not even specify what God should give me. God’s grace “is enough for me’. I simply trust in God’s providence, with total Ignatian indifference. As GOD directs, I put my love into action.

Revive your Long Retreat commitment. Renew your oblation and surrender!

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