Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An Accomplished Bhakta - Fr.Ambrose

An Accomplished Bhakta

On the Feast of St Francis Xavier, Fr Rolphy Paul Pinto defended his doctoral thesis in a jam packed hall of the Pontifica Universitas Gregorian in Rome. His thesis was appropriately entitled: “Francis Xavier: A Bhakta? A Comparative Study Of Bhaktil in the Letters Of Francis Xavier and the Bhakti Padas of Narsinh Mehta.” He gave his introduction in English for the sake of the audience who may not follow much of Italian. But he defended his thesis and answered all the questions in eloquent Italian. It was a great delight listening to him. Spirituality goes beyond caste, creed, colour, customs, class and culture. In fact, it brings them together. It puts us in direct contact with God. Rolphy’s thesis is a unique contribution in the field of spirituality. St Francis Xavier could not have received better honour than this on his feast and Rolphy and we in Rome could not have celebrated the Feast of St Francis Xavier in better manner than this. His thesis is a gift not only to St Francis Xavier, but also to Gujarat! His thesis will be published both here and in Gujarat. Congrats to Rolphy! (Ambrose)

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