Thursday, January 23, 2014

Revisiting Pope Francis

On 23 January evening, Fr Joseph Mattam, professor emeritus, Gujarat Vidya Deep, had a discourse session on `Capturing the Essence: Pope Francis in Evangelii Gandium and the interview to La Civilta Cattolica, at Premal Jyoti, Ahmedabad. In a nutshell, it was a revisit to Pope Francis` all points regarding the Church, said in around 50000 words and condensed to 4000 words by Fr Joe. He highlighted the essential views of the pope,  such as his ideology, the challenges before the Church, clericism, proclamation of the Gospel, new evangelization, the Church`s role to heal the wounds of the faithful and the importance of women in the Church. Fr Joe added some of his own comments as well. Thus, it was a privileged moment for all of us to know the pope’s mind and get inspired to walk with the pope and to think with the Church. Finally, we all had acquired something new from the session to carry on and to spread to the people. (Sch Amul)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The take over ceremony of the new Provincial

Farewell and welcome

It was not just a transfer of office, but, one might call, a transmission of the Grace of State or the Charism of the Ministry of a Provincial. It took place on 3 January, on the feast of the Holy Name of Jesus in  Premal Jyoti. The function was centred on the Eucharist which was organized by our Jesuit Collegians with guidance from the Premal Jyoti superior. As the link person of the two administrations, Fr Lawrence Dharmaraj profusely thanked Changa and his various teams and called the latter’s term of ministry as one of Special Grace for the Province. He then welcomed Francis Parmar expressing great hope in the new administration. As one of the most innovative and approachable Socius’ of the Province, somebody in the audience thanked him also and everyone applauded loudly. Abp Stanny, Bp Godfrey, Bp Thomas and POSA concelebrated. The hall was crowded with Jesuits from Ahmedabad and from quite a few mission centres. Both the outgoing and the incoming Provincials enthralled the audience with their inspiring speeches. The former was full of gratitude for the various collaborators who helped him to make his ministry really fruitful. The latter did not want any congratulations for his new ministry because he believes that it is a call for service, following the foot-washing leadership of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. Fr Vinayak thanked all the organizers of the various functions of the day, and in lighter vein, said that he would see to it that the ex-provincial would be out of Premal Jyoti within a few days. (Fr Ishanand)

Kindly click on this link for viewing the Photos of the take over ceremony of the new Provincial