Monday, July 16, 2012

Amalan from Cambodia

Pax Christi and lot of my love and greetings.

Thank you for constantly updating me with the news of Gujarat. The sudden demise of both Frs.Gorosquita and Anton caused me immense pain and I am sure that they both are in the heavenly aboad for they were great souls who have reaped a great harvest in Gujarat.

I am fine. It's been exactly a month since my arrival here to Cambodia. I feel that I am on the right track aspiring to serve in the Lord's Vineyard. At least 15 hours of ''Khmer classes'' I may have completed. I am progressing ahead to at least utter some words in the local language. The progress is not great but noticeble. I burn midnight oil and am sure that my work will bear fruit.

Today onwards, I am on ''Cambodian Exposure Tour'' which will enable me to know our works in Cambodia. I will travel and stay in each of our Jesuit communities of Cambodia for two days. I am already in a place called ''Banteay Prieb'' which is in the outskirts of Cambodian capital city Phnom Penh. It is a house for the differently abled people. The students here learn sculpture, electronics, sewing. They make wheel chairs, repair TV, mobiles,computers etc, design and produce a lot of attractive cloths, sculpt beautiful religious articles. I love this place and people.

By and large, I am enjoying my stay over here and constantly asking the Lord to endow his graces upon me so that I am master the Khmer language. I ask of your fervant prayers and assure you the same.

Yours in Christ,
Amalan s.j. 

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