Monday, September 3, 2012

Union-State Relations Seminar-Jyothi Xavier

Union-State Relations Seminar

The nation today is passing through critical times and more so in the arena of Indian polity. Today, more than ever, there is a renewed interest in the discourse on Union-State relations. The Centre for Culture and Development (CCD) organized a National Seminar from 24-25 August, titled “INDIAN FEDERALISM: Intergovernmental Relations Revisited: Towards a Fresh Balance of Power”. Fr Lancy Lobo, the Director of CCD in his introduction ignited sparks for an intellectual engagement during the seminar. The seminar was organized to initiate a discussion and debate among academicians, social activists, research scholars and organizations that are committed to federalism and to create a platform to bring about a restructuring of Union-State relations. Fr Jose Changa along with other dignitaries inaugurated the two-day seminar with the lighting of the lamp.

Dr Subash Kashyap, a renowned constitutional expert delivered the Keynote address.  The seminar was structured into six sessions dealing with topics such as Indian Federalism, Federalism and Decentralization, Fiscal Federalism, Regionalism and Federalism, Indian Security and Federalism and Natural Resources. There were 24 papers presented by some of the leading academicians and activists from all over the country. The two Jesuit speakers were Cedric Prakash and V Sebastian.  At the end of each session, there was an interesting and engaging discussion among the participants. The local, regional and national media gave coverage to this seminar. The concluding address was given by Dr Shrimati Kamala, the Governor of Gujarat. She also released a book titled “Economy and Society in Globalizing Gujarat” edited by Lancy Lobo and Jayesh Shah. (Jyothi Xavier)

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