Monday, November 5, 2012

The Pilgrims Scho.Nilesh Macwan

The Pilgrims
Under the able guidance of Fr Joseph Valiamangalam, Rector of G.V.D, we the second year students of theology had gone to Haridwar, Rushikesh and Jaiharical as part of our contextual theology programme (CTP).  It was truly a divine experience in “Dev Bhumi”- the abode of God, in the midst of the Himalayas. The pilgrimage to these cradles of Hinduism opened the way for us to understand the spirituality of this multi-branched religion called Hinduism. This enabled us to go deeper into the socio-cultural analysis of the so called Hinduism and their spiritual formation. It was nothing but a pure witnessing of God at work through various religions and in particular Hinduism. It was not merely a visit to the holy lands of Hinduism but it became part and parcel of the divine experience through the means of the faith of Hinduism. This CTP-12 will remain a memorable one as it strengthened our rootedness in Christ and cultivated openness to the other religions. This experience has become a means to prepare ourselves to the new ways of evangelization and to present Jesus in an Indian way. We were fortunate enough to have a little taste of Ashram life at “Jeevan Dhara Ashram” in Jaiharical run by CMI congregation. The soothing atmosphere of silence, solitude, prayer and oneness with the nature at the Ashram blended with noble values of simplicity, poverty and purity of thoughts in experiencing God there. We are much obliged to our Rector for arranging such an enriching pilgrimage and his availability. We are indeed indebted in kindness to Fr Devis CMI, Fr Thomas Kochumattam CMI, Acharya   Atmaswaroopnanda of Shivanand Ashram, Turiya and Atmajyoti matajis for their valuable contribution to make this CTP a great success. (Sch Nilesh Macwan)

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