Monday, August 31, 2009

Sn(eh)ake Jyoti _Sevasi Baroda.

Sn(eh)ake Jyoti
The surrounding of Sneh Jyoti is blessed with greenery in abundance. Full-grown Chickoo trees, a variety of plants, flower plants, banana trees and vegetable garden adds beauty to Sneh Jyoti. Thanks to the eco-friendly people who are the cause of this environment. Along with a few visitors, animals too envy the gorgeous premise of Sneh Jyoti. Foxes, stray dogs, wild cats, hares, birds and a variety of snakes are frequent trespassers. The inmates tolerate any creature except the cobras. Under somewhat trying circumstances our Sch Sunil Macwan faced a cobra last week with considerable presence of mind. The snake in question, totally unaware of the altruistic intentions and ecological concerns of Sunil, did not take too kindly to his attempt to relocate it in a better environment and made known its displeasure in no uncertain terms by a nasty bite. Sunil took the bite in a true spirit of indifference and sent the offending party to his eternal reward. Sunil was rushed to the hospital where he was kept under constant observation for 24 hours in the ICU. He is back with us and has made it clear that his love for snakes remains undiminished in spite of this minor set-back. (Sebastian V& Harry Martis).

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