Sunday, September 20, 2009



I am fine here. How about you? These days I continue to go to the school and to the orphanage. In the school, I take classes for class 4th, 5th and 7th standards. It's difficult to teach without knowing the local language, but it is a joyful experience at the end. Furthermore, I take English class for the girls and the boys of the returnee . So whole of the morning hours are packed with around 6 to 7-hour teachings. I m enjoying my stay and the little work I do here. This is the week of id here, so we have holidays. The election results are not yet out and now and then there is some trouble .However, we are safe. There are many well wishers around.
Life in the community is too good and the best thing we enjoy being , being in the community and cooking on Fridays when the cook is given leave. You may find the country is unstable but from here I don't see the way it is projected. The work of the school where I go is almost getting over. Almost 40 lakhs are being spent for 100 children, but we still hope to get many new families coming in the township. That’s all here. The days go on. There is a very little difference in the activities. We cannot do much because of the security measures. So we have to restrict to something that we do regularly.
From Afghanistan


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  1. Dear Sandesh, thanks for the news. I thank God for the good health that you are enjoying and the wonderful work that you are doing in the frontier mission, All the best.