Monday, September 27, 2010


In September a series of programmes were organized for novices in Sadhanalaya. These began on 27th of august. Late august and early September brought very significant learning experiences for us. All the novices were guided under the banner of ‘Personality Development’ by the acting socious Fr. Philip Terrasa. The purpose of the course was to know oneself and one’s companions and enhance each one’s personality to foster a real Jesuit spirit in the 21st century.

On 8th September we celebrated the feast of the Nativity of our Lady. The 2nd year novices conducted a special rosary connected with the life of our Lady. The same evening we had a “Vatican visit.” All the novices watched a documentary film on Vatican city. We also had a creative play performance on the topic of “The novitiate - past, present and future. At the end of performance all came to a conclusion that in any circumstance the Jesuit spirit must be fostered.

A weekly ’Dhyan Sadhana’ (12th September to 18th September) retreat was given by Fr. Joe Pithekar(Bombay Province). ‘Dhyan Sadhana’ is a meditation based on Pranayana, Vipassana and Centering prayer. It is a method to lead the sadhak to contemplative prayer, prayer of silence, prayer of the heart. It was guided under the theme of “progress in living out my life in Christ will be in proportion to the surrender of my own self- love and my own will and interest.” (Sp.Ex 183, rendering of D. Fleming, s.j)

On 20th September we went to Someshwar, a sacred place on the Godavari river. We witnessed the typical Hindu culture. On 21st evening we visited various statues of Lord Ganesha. Both these visits helped us to know Maharastrian culture.

On 26th a special prayer service was conducted by the novices to celebrate our parish feast. At the end of the celebration a delicious meal was provided by the parish.

Robert (2nd year novice: Sadhanalaya, Nashik.)

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