Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ordination of Sunil Macwan - Harry Martis

Ordination of Sunil Macwan

Scholastic Sunil Macwan’s ordination was held in Gamdi Anand Parish on 27th of November with great solemnity. It was a day of accomplishment and celebration for Sunil, his near and dear ones and for the church of Gujarat. Bishop Thomas, besides Sunil ordained two more Jesuits for Kohima region, namely Samir and Pravin.

Bishop Thomas, in his homily stressed the importance of priest in the church, role and duty of the priest and also cooperation of the people of the church in promoting and encouraging priests in the mission.

Many faithful took part in the celebration including invitees who came to witness the ordination all the way from kohima. The whole ceremony went without a hitch. One could see the effort and hard work of the priests of Anand Jesuit Community and the people of the Gamdi Anand Parish throughout the celebration. Cudos to all, who have made the day memorable and beautiful!

Sch. Harry Martis SJ

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