Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gujarat Province Congregation at Jivan Darshan, Vadodara- Fr.Raymund S.J

Gujarat Province Congregation at Jivan Darshan, Vadodara

Under the inspiring, effective and Ignatian leadership of Rev. Fr. Jose Changa, the provincial of Gujarat Province, 51 elected, nominated and ex officio members gathered together for Province Congregation at Jivan Darshan, Vadodara, from Octber 13 – 15, 2011. During these grace-filled days, Ignatian procedure was followed meticulously from start to finish.
The first day saw the preliminaries (public majority vote, PMV), power-point presentation talk on the state of the province by Fr. Provincial, the elections of the secretary, the assistant secretary, postulate screening committee members one and two, session for election of procurator and his substitute, discussion on calling/not calling a GC, discussion on the questions of Fr. General, discussion on the state of the Society, discussion on the state of the province, time limit for submission of postluates. Fr. Francis Gonsalves sj was elected as the main secretary with Fr. Lancy Dcruz sj as assistant secretary, while Frs Francis Parmar sj and Cedric Prakash were elected to screen the postulates. Bro. Malcom and his team too resorted to power point presenation for financial state of the province, discussion on the state of the province, followed by the holy mass. There was a discussion of the questions proposed by Fr. General and the state of the Society.
The second day was packed with the election of procurator, his substitute and postulates. Fr. Francis Parmar sj was elected to represent Gujarat Province as procurator with Fr. I. Raj sj as his substitute. As regards calling a General Congregation, the delegates’ decision was a clear NO. There accepted postlates were taken up dicussion.
The delegates continued to dicuss the postulates till noon. Before concluding the province congregation Fr. Provincial, following our Jesuit way of proceeding, asked the delegates whether there was anything important left out. The delegates were satisfied and consoled with all that had gone on during these grace-filled days. At the end Fr. Provincial sincerely thanked one and  all  for their contribution in participating generously and genuinely in this province congregation.

Raymund Chauhan sj

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