Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ignatian Family Confluence - Anthony Pitchai Vedam, SJ/ Ricahrd Lopes SJ

Ignatian Family Confluence
 The Province Commission for Ignatian Spirituality under the co-ordination of Fr Shekhar Manickam organized the Ignatian Family confluence on March 4, 2012 at Jeevan Darshan, Baroda. Fifteen Jesuits including Rev Fr. Jose Changa, the Provincial, along with 18 representatives including the Major Superiors of various Sisters’ congregations inspired by Ignatian charism and spirituality and working in Gujarat (thus belonging to the Ignatian family) participated in this “unique and path breaking gathering, the first of its kind.” The objective of this gathering was: Being together, sharing what is common to us both at the personal level and at the level of our apostolates, learning from each other certain Ignatian insights for mutual enrichment and charting future Common Action Plan.
In his orientation address, Fr. Jose Changa, warmly welcomed all the participants to the gathering and stressed the need to come together ‘to discover, acknowledge and celebrate our common Ignatian roots, to listen to one another’s God experiences, to speak about our ‘consolations’ and ‘desolations’ and to engage in ‘spiritual conversation.’
All the Ignatian Family congregations present (eight in all) shared “The Meaning and Role of Ignatian Spirituality in our Congregation” with meaningful presentations highlighting the importance of Ignatian spirituality in their congregations and how it is lived out in their apostolates. As we listened to one another, we sensed a heightened awareness of our common roots – Ignatian charism and spirituality – and this common and shared charism and spirituality that makes us a family. Sharing in this lived God experience of St. Ignatius is “what inspires, motivates and shapes our lives and all that we do.”
It was a positive family experience and much appreciated by all the participants. All present felt that the Ignatian family meetings should be held on a regular basis in the future for creative collaboration. Our spiritual conversation, we hope, would help us celebrate our common roots, become a vibrant Ignatian Family in Gujarat and as the recent congregation encourages (GC 35 D6, 29), to foster creative and effective cooperation, collaboration and networking at various levels and respond to the needs and challenges of our times with renewed vigour.
-          Anthony Pitchai Vedam, SJ/ Ricahrd Lopes SJ.

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