Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vyara diary - Fr.Ronnie Saldanha

Vyara diary

RTF Workshops: The second phase of the RTF workshops were conducted in 13 villages of Vyara mission in February 2012. The initial meeting was held at Catholic Church Vyara, where about 120 men and women had gathered. Since the people found it very informative, the first phase of the meetings were held (in May 2011) in all the 21 villages of Vyara. Thanks to the cooperation of the then director of “Shakti”, Fr Stany Jebamalai, and his team comprising of Rameshbhai, Rajeshbhai, Lataben, Sevantiben and company. Fr Arana who attended practically all the meetings was a motivating factor. He added pep and life into the meetings.

Vidyadeep Exposure: 12 girls from Vidyadeep Community College of Bharuch came for an exposure programme for 6 days to one of the villages of Vyara (Amli- Bokadkuda) with slide shows, street theatre, inputs, songs and dance. They enlightened the people regarding health and hygiene. It was a very informative program for the people. Thanks to Sr Maggie DHM and Sr Rani DHM for taking the initiative.

Youth Workshop: To revive the youth group in Vyara, an effort was made to have a workshop for them at Korvi for 2 days. 48 youth took part (20 girls and 28 boys). All were very enthusiastic and promised to be committed. The sessions were conducted by Sr Nancy SU, Sr Savita MSCJ and Fr Ronnie. Follow up meetings in the villages have begun, besides that about 10 leaders form the villages have taken up the job of bringing the youth to the mission centre and they have promised to help out in organizing youth programmes. The next youth gathering scheduled for 2 days (21st and 22nd of April), is a Sammellan at Unai for the youth of Unai, Bardipada and Vyara. We hope these initiatives would unite the youth of our 3 centers and animate their spirit to work towards  local vibrant churches. (Ronnie Saldanha)

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