Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jemai Meet - Fr. Lancy D'Cruz

Jemai Meet

Fr Ishwan Gamit, our province coordinator for JEMAI led a 40-member delegation from Gujarat  to the Tribal Festival organized by Jesuit Ministries Among Indigenous People (JEMAI) and held in the picturesque surroundings of TUDI, Waynad in ‘God’s own county’ December 7-9. Gujarat’s contribution to the National level gathering of over 350 adivasis from 14 states was both creative and substantial. While Fr Vinayak and the Aadilok team presented the success story of  ‘Aadilok’ through an interesting movie, Fr Lancy D’Cruz presented the ‘Aadi Aushadhi initiative’ through his presentation on ‘Indigenous people and their medicinal practices’. Both initiatives were highly appreciated and there are plans to take these beyond Gujarat, to the national level. The Gujarat delegation also included Sr Lissy and her group (from Unai) who sold over Rs 10,000 of herbal medicines, along with another Rs 8,000 sold by Aadi Aushadhi.  Needless to say, the dancers from Vyara Mission (Gujarat) performed splendidly!! Congrats to Fr Ishwan and  Vyara  Gamit team for a well prepared and much appreciated performance!!! (Lancy D’Cruz)

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