Wednesday, June 4, 2014

From the Provincial's Desk - Fr.Francis Parmar s.j

My dear friends in the Lord,

Through his letter to the whole Society, Fr General has announced his intention to convoke 36th General Congregation towards the end of 2014. It will be held during the final months of 2016 where he proposes to submit his resignation from the post of the Superior General. Fr Adolfo Nicolas, following in the footsteps of Fr Kolvenbach is taking this courageous step. I call upon all the Jesuits, individually and as communities to spend quality time in prayer asking the Spirit of the Lord to descend on each one of us individually and as a Province so that we may not be deaf to His call. I also call upon everyone, individually and as communities to discern what the Lord is calling us to.

In the last PCM held in May we have already discerned regarding Viability and Vibrancy of the Province, taking into account all the deliberations at Commissions, Districts and PCM levels, I’ve prepared my response to Fr General and will send it this month. Now is the time for us to implement all those decisions to ensure not only the viability but also vibrancy of the Province.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Lord for the vocations of Frs Cyprian, Varghese, Charlie, Mooken and Hedwig. The first four joined us on 08 June and Hedwig on 20 June 1964. In the name of the Province I wish them Happy Golden Jubilee as Jesuits. Fr Anthony Moonnu joined on 20 June 1954 and thus he celebrates his diamond jubilee. We wish him a happy diamond jubilee as a Jesuit. I pray that they keep answering God’s constant call to be fit instruments for the greater glory of God and for the salvation of His children.
 I also pray for the soul of former Jesuit Anthony Fernandes (Bulsari) who passed away on 11 May in
Varanasi. May he rest in peace.

I express our thanks to Frs Richard Lopes and Charles Aruldas for their dedicated leadership as PCF and PCE respectively. I welcome Frs Alpesh Macwan and Durai as new PCF and PCE respectively and pray that their ministry may be Spirit-led. In the name of the Province I express our sincere thanks and prayerful wishes to all those who will assume new responsibilities in June.

Vocation Promotion can take various shapes and one of them is to gather Jesuits and their relatives to create an atmosphere of larger Jesuit family. I had the opportunity to be present at the Vasai Jesuit Parivar Sneh Milan and at the Sneh Milan of all the vocations to religious life and/or priesthood from the original Anand Parish (now grown into three Parishes). In both the gatherings, there was a note of praying for many and good vocations. May we all keep on trying to get many and good vocations for the vineyard of the Lord.

The people have expressed their will and given a mandate to BJP-led NDA Government. The vote is for
development. Let us pray that the government lives up to its promises and that the fruits of development reach down ‘Unto This Last’.

I’m sure a number of you have enjoyed a peaceful vacation in Mt Abu in the company of fellow Jesuits.
I appreciate the gatherings of the 1966-67 Novice batches, Communities of Premal Jyoti staff, Anand,
Gurjarvani, College and others who made use of Glen View to come together as fellow Jesuits in holiday
settings. May we all learn to spend time with fellow Jesuits not only in work situation but also in holiday
and prayer situations.

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