Monday, September 15, 2014

A thanksgiving note from Mr.Antony ( Late Fr.Amalraj's Nephew)

A thanksgiving note from Mr.Antony ( Late Fr.Amalraj's Nephew)

Dear Fr Vijay and  Fr Sunil,

I have reached Singapore today morning .  Many thanks to  both of you as you  have spent your time and efforts  in organising  all the things that were needed for  the final bid-adieu to Fr Amal , My beloved uncle . My special thanks to Fr Raj and Fr Stanley for their  help in consoling me .

On Behalf of all our family members,  I  would like to thank  Rev Fr Provincial , Rev Fr Bishop and all other Reverent fathers and Reverent sisters for such  wonderful  final mass . Anand Parish community did a fascinating farewell to their priest who worked and lived among them in all his fruitful years . We would like to thank all of the community members for their sincere support and dedication .

I also would like thank you and all other helping hands who have helped Fr Amal during  his final days as he struggled to pull  his aching  body which become uncontrollable by his mind .

Fr Amal lived as a champion for the underdogs and bear the witness for the cross and lived a full  life as a  Jesuit priest. Inspired by the christian principle of Love , he loved the community and captured every one's heart with his untiring work  that he sincerely carried out . He inspired  me by his vision and ideas from my younger days . He always calls his siblings and relatives   occasionally and enquire about their well being which we will  be missing for ever .

The agonising sorrow  that  filled our heart  on 13th Sept 2014  is pressing us hard and it is tough to remove his memories from all of us . The Joyful feeling that  the ever living and mighty god called him to his place and freed him from this worldly chorus overshadows our sorrow as we look forward to move on with our faith that we will meet him at fathers place some day sooner or later .

Please convey our gratitude  and thanks to all the Jesuit community members .Our  best wishes to carry on  the mission of catholic faith in ashadeep and all other places in Gujarat to help the needy ,poor  and  underprivileged .

Let us remember each other in prayer and be in touch .

Lovingly brother

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