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A CALL, TO SERVE --V.Antony Michael Raj

- V. Antony Michael Raj, SJ.
Under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Oscar Rozario, SJ
Everything depends upon our inclination, whether it is towards a life full of problems and distress or happiness and joy. To make our life a meaningful one, we need to mind our thoughts, for our thoughts are the foundation, the inspiration, the motivation power of our deed.
A call to be different:
The formula of the Institute of the Society of Jesus starts with these lines, “Whoever desires to serve as soldier of God beneath the banner of the Cross in our Society, … the solemn vow of perpetual chastity, poverty and obedience, keep what follows in mind (Con. [Fo.1])”
Jesus called his disciples for a definite purpose. Similar each Jesuit is called for a specific reason. That is why Jesus tells us, “It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain… (Jn15:16).” Most of us focus on the part of vocation (Chosen Part), not on the part of mission. Jesus is very clear in his sayings that mission is to bear fruit which will remain for the greater use. To bear fruit abundantly one has to get grace from God. Only through the help of God, is it possible.
Our way of proceeding :
Each Jesuit should be different from others, because each one is unique. Jesuits should be men of God and for the people. A Jesuit is called to be a saint and scholar-according to me a saint in the sense; one has to be touch with God, each and every moment of his life, as Father Ignatius did. For thus father Ignatius introduced Discernment of spirits, as at the same time one has to be a scholar. One can clearly see the wisdom in discerning the matter, which Father Ignatius gave us. One should discern the matter and take the final step. Here one should not fellow one’s one will and say that it is God’s will. To be scholar does not mean that one has to finish Ph.D. in a university. It means that one has to be master in his field where one is, whether it is a school or a parish or else where, so that he can lead himself and the people effectively, in the way God wants. For that one has to be available for God always.
Fr. Arrupe in his letter to the Society on 3rd of September 1983, asks the Jesuits, “My call to you today is that you be available to the Lord. Let us put God at the centre, even attentive to His voice, ever asking what we can do for the more effective service, and doing it to the best of our availability, with love and perfect detachment. Let us cultivate a very personal awareness of the reality of God.”
Here vocation is a means (instrument) to do the will of God. In the past one may be a sinner, but God never keeps any record of the sins which he/she committed. This was emphasized by GC32: A Jesuit is a sinner yet called to be a companion of Jesus. He asks us to live in the present, not in the future or in the past.
Come and See :
John’s disciples asked Jesus, “Where are you Staying?” Jesus answered to them , “Come and you will See (Jn1:38- 39).” About somebody or something, people may have a different opinion or views, but when one experiences things or persons, one gets a crystal clear picture about the things or the persons. Each person is unique, and their experience too will be exclusive. In G.C. 35 Decree 2 says, “Many sparks, One Fire: many stories, one History.” Yes each one’s experience of Jesus may be different but the person Jesus is one and the same for all. This one can see clearly in the life of the saints. Each saints’ life-experience is different from the rest of them.
GC35 Decree 2.1 says, “The Society of Jesus has carried a flame for nearly five hundred years through in numerable social and cultural circumstances that have challenged it intensely to keep that flame alive and burning. Things are no different today.” So those who want to have an experience of Jesus in the Society, Come, See and experience Jesus according to one’s life experiences. One can take the horse to the river, whether it wants to drink water or not depends on the horse itself. So the Society will give the way and the guidance but it is for the person to experience.
Conclusion :
Swami Nimishanad says, “Doing good is not enough; being good is for more important. We need to share our talents, time with others expecting nothing is return.” Jesus too preached the same things all through His life and lived.
One touch can show your care
One word can start your prayer
One step can begin your journey
One heart can know what’s true
One lone voice can speak the wisdom
One life can make the difference.
So you see, it’s up to you.
· Anon

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