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Widened horizons ---- Jestin anthony

Widened horizons
To discover Jesus where we have not noticed him before andto reveal him where he has not been seen before.

GC. 35 Degree 3.2- 23
The visit of Fr. Matthias Chae the former provincial of Korea and the present assistency delegate for formation of east Asia and Oceana has brought a lot of awareness to what is the stand of the society in today’s world and how the whole society look at the South Asian assistancy with a lot of expectations. His talk on Missions in the society as whole was a very inspiring one. He also stressed on the point of the role that formation plays in the life of each scholastic and how important these period of formation are specially the study of Philosophy and Theology.
Ignatius during his period of studies attributed God to a school master who would lead him in every way. This eventually helped him to find God’s will and find him in everything he did and saw. I need to ask myself, who do I see God as in this Jesuit life and especially during my study of philosophy?
Towards a larger horizon
Study of Philosophy is a very large concept. I might have received only a drop from the ocean. But this drop has helped me discover a wider horizon of life. Suddenly I find life meaningful and filled with a lot of adventure. Just like a tree that dances with fresh new leaves during spring so do I feel the growth from all the dimensions. May it be academics, cultural activities, community life, etc. there has been a lot of opportunities to grow.
It was the mere act of questioning that brought all the difference in the human history. It was questioning that made a primitive human into a civilized being. Socrates was not at all wrong when he said that “an unexamined life is not worth living.” This processes of examining and reexamining has brought the world to a new reality. No doubt it also brings along with it a lot of challenges. Particularly when Philosophers like Nietzsche speaks about the non existence of God by saying that God is dead and provides sufficient reasons. One cannot just deny the fact. But as a Jesuit scholastic and with these few years of formation it simply compels me to question that yes it is a fact that for few God is dead but what have I done to brings this God back alive to them? And this is where the whole aspect of mission stands for me. As well depicted in GC.35 degree 3.2
“To discover jesus where we have not noticed him before and
To reveal him where he has not been seen before.”
Freedom with responsibility
It was in the novitiate that I learnt the skills of discernment. Very little did I knew that it would be so helpful during my studies. For each time I find myself standing between the two parting roads leading into confusion, it is the discernment process that helps me to find the best alternative. The amount of freedom that the society gives to each individual is tremendous. And this I realized very strongly once while having my meals with a Franciscan priest who had come to take one week of course on introduction to Ĺšaivism. He was sharing with me about their formation and of all the strict rules and regulations. When I compared it with my life in the society I thanked God for such a wonderful society of mine. The next question that came to my mind was why society has to give so much of freedom? Why the society does believes in a particular Jesuit so much that it allows him to think for himself for what is right and what is wrong? Why the society does show so much of confidence on each and every individual Jesuit? It took me some time to come to a conclusion for these questions of mine. And the answers came to me in a rather funny way. It was once in the class of Epistemology where for doing some silly mistake the professor told us that “I see you all as matured fellows and not stupid’s.” yes the moment one enters the society the whole society sees him as a matured fellow, Who is capable of standing in his own legs, who is strong in all the ways physically, mentally, spiritually. And this is the reason why much distinction is not made between the younger and the older Jesuits. This does not mean that as a Jesuit we never make mistakes. There are number of times that we make mistakes and we do fall badly. But each time the society stands as a mother by our side saying “Don’t worry anymore I am with you.” The society gives any number of chances to grow. This is the most beautiful aspect in the society that I like. Just as said in the bible that even if your mother may forget you but I will never forget you. in the same way I am sure that the society will never abandon anybody.
In the letter of Fr. General to the whole society one part of it was regarding formation and the conscerns regarding it. One of the concerns was that the Jesuits are finding it tough to maintain a balance between work, apostolate and study on one hand with depth, comtemplation and familiarity with God on the other. Though the letter brings out a lot of concerns but at the same time it gives a lot of consolation, strength and courage to say that yes it is tough but not immposible. As Ignatius has put it only a desire to desire is enough to bring out changes. As I see the dawn of the New Year breaking over the darkness of the past years so do I see the beginning of the new horizons in the society of Jesus. This fills me with a renewed vigor and zeal. Let the fire once lit never cease and kindle many other fires as it goes along. May the prayer of Fr. Ignatius be my prayer too,
Take Lord and receive my liberty,
All my will, my mind, my memories…
…Just bestow your love and your grace
That is enough for me.

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