Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fr.Francis Mendonca S.j - By Hedwig Lewis SJ

“Su Sneha Navajeevanaya”


1931 - 2010

By Hedwig Lewis SJ

On his Golden Jubilee in the Society in 2001, Fr Francis Mendonca was asked: Do you have any “motto” for life? His response revealed his personal conviction: “Yes. I’ve composed it in Sanskrit: Su Sneha Navajeevanaya. It means: True Love and Service lead to New Life (Resurrection).”

To live up to his motto, Francis rendered valuable service to the Church and the Society in a variety of apostolates: as lecturer in St Xavier’s College, youth chaplain, retreat director, promoter of Basic Christian Communities and of ‘Jeevan Darshan’; and parish priest. He has lived and worked in different communities, both as superior and as an active member. He took ill on 26 December and was rushed from Waghodia to a hospital in Vadodara. He was put on ventilators and declared dead on 28 December.

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