Wednesday, December 15, 2010

G C 35

Our Mission Statement

Challenges to our mission today:
Sent to the frontiers
In this new world
of worldwide markets ,
and of universal aspiration for peace and well being ,
we are faced with growing tensions and paradoxes
We live in a culture that shows partiality to autonomy and the present
and yet we have a world so much in need of building a future in solidarity ;
we have better means of communication
but often experience isolation and exclusion ;
some have greatly benefited ,
while others have been marginalized and excluded ;
our world is increasingly transnational ,
and yet it needs to affirm and protect local and particular identities;
scientific knowledge has reached the deepest mysteries of life ,
and yet the very dignity of life itself and the world we live in are threatened.

In this global world marked by such profound changes

we want to deepen our understanding of

the call to serve faith,

promote justice

and dialogue with culture and other religions

in the light of the apostolic mandate to establish right relationships
with God, with one another, and with creation

[35 th General Congregation Society of Jesus, 2008, Decree 3]
Jesus: A fire that kindles other fires

of instant communication and digital technology ,

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