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Sadhanalaya Novitiate Happenings- Robert Christi

Sadhanalaya Novitiate Happenings
The month began with a one day recollection on 1st of February. The recollection topic was ‘Consecrated Life.’ With this our novice master prepared us for the ‘World Day of Consecrated Life’ which we celebrated with a solemn mass on 2nd February. We the 2nd years were given a special course on the consecrated life. Knowing the need of relaxation and refreshment to body and mind the following day we went to ‘Trimbakeshwer’ for a one day picnic. I witnessed the deep faith Hindus’ have. We also climbed the mountain to see the source of ‘Godavari River.’

The next day we spent much time to prepare a recollection that we Novices were to give. We were supposed to prepare on the topic of ‘Jesus – our companion and his values’ for Kilbil – St.Joseph High School. In the history of Sadhanalaya the novices used various media for recollection talks but never had they used the digital media. This year we were allowed to use the laptop and l.C.D projector. The school children really enjoyed and benefitted by the recollection. This initiative has opened a new way of thinking. It made us familiar with the use of various media for the apostolate in future.

On 7th of the same month Fr. Oscar Rosario- the former novice master, gave a week course on the Suppression and Restoration of the Society. Through his simple narration he took us into the root cause of the suppression. At the end of the course we had a small condolence prayer for those who suffered and died during the suppression. Fr. Oscar planted a real Jesuit spirit in our heart and called us to live with it till the end of our life. On 11th of February we celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes with the Rosary with our neighboring children. The children were given rosaries made by the novices.

On 15th ,we, the second years, were given a half day recollection to prepare us for the ‘Minor Orders’. On the following day the Provincial of Kerala conferred the Orders onto us. On 17th Fr. Robert Das (Pune province) gave us a one day course on the spirituality and education policy of the Society.

On 18th, 19th and 20th we were at ‘The Infant Jesus Shrine’ to render our services in the various needs of the Shrine during the feast. We witness that the Shrine was flooded with the devotees from Bombay, various parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa. Their faith really astonished us. We, the second years, were assigned as acolytes to distribute communion. This experience strengthened our vocation and faith.

From22nd to 24th, Fr. Simon D’Souza gave us a course on the psalms in order to develop our interest for the Scripture and taught us how to pray with the Psalms. We found that really meaningful.

Robert Christi (2nd year Novice), Sadhanalaya Nasik

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