Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Motivating MOTIF - Fr. Girish

Motivating MOTIF

Motif is a BPO and KPO service provider, serving Fortune 500 and mid-market companies in the US and Europe through its delivery centres in Ahmedabad (India), Manila (Philippines) and San Jose (Costa Rica). It encourages a strong sense of social awareness through a range of philanthropic activities organized by its employees. The objective is to create health awareness and raise funds once in life time for the selected charitable NGOs through public participation. The event is supported by individual contributions and corporate sponsorships in form of cheques written directly in the name of the beneficiary NGOs. Motif matches ` 150/- for every registered participant. The 10th Annual Motif Charity Walk for 5 kms is scheduled on Sunday 12 February at 7 a.m. from LD Engineering College ground Ahmedabad. After much scrutiny, for this year, Motif has chosen four esteemed beneficiary NGOs from Gujarat. One of them is our Unteshwari Mata Maria Trust – Centre for community-based rehabilitation which specially enables Inclusive Education for Disabled Children. We express our sincere heart-felt appreciation for their pure and clean choice!

The Founder Director of Motif Mr Kaushal Mehta while addressing for the first time the Directors/representatives of the four NGOs humbly acknowledged that as a student of St Xavier’s Loyola Hall he was highly motivated and inspired by late Fr R. Erviti, pioneer of St Xavier’s Social Service Society. With such a strong conviction and the ongoing experiential knowledge of corporate social responsibility, he and his team of employees joyfully invite all to join in this leading charity event of our Ahmedabad Mega City and lend support through sponsorship and participation. Welcome for this novel, yet different kind of ‘charity walking pilgrimage’ – Motif sahayak padyatra! This time, encourage your neighbour to walk with you not towards Unteshwari but for the noble cause of Unteshwari. Consider this as a Special Sunday Sacramental Service. Finally, we’ll value your penny, presence and participation. May God bless the motivating motto of MOTIF – “Together, we will make a difference...” (Girish)

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