Friday, February 15, 2013

Six point programme - Fr.William

Six point programme

Members of the Sadbhavana Forum have recently returned from Assam where they had gone for relief work which not only included but also concentrated on reconciling the two warring groups: the native Bodo and the migrant Muslims. The objective was to find a lasting solution to the extremely complex and politicized problem haunting the state and to restore peace in the affected region. The youth volunteers after much reflection on the situation to which they were the eye-witnesses for a month have come up with the following six-point programme: 1. Translate into Bodo the autobiography of Gandhi (Satyana Prayogo) and print 500 copies to be distributed and promote its reading in the region. 2. Revive the primary schools that have simply collapsed by providing necessary teaching material to the children of both the groups studying in the affected area. 3. Start a few centres in the villages for Bodo and Muslim poor women in order to provide them with earning opportunities. 4. Construct fifty houses for the homeless of both the groups in close collaboration with Jamaate-Islaami-Hind that has come there and wanted to build houses only for the affected Muslims. 5. Exchange programme for the youth: twenty five Bodo and Muslim youth will come to Gujarat for a month to stay with Hindu and Muslim families and mingle with the youth of both the communities 6. Two Gujarati youth volunteers belonging to Vishvagram to stay for a year in Assam in order to further the reconciliation mission initiated during the relief work period.

The six point programme involves much finances for which Sadbhavana Forum relies on the generosity of all men and women of good will in Gujarat who would like to be the messengers of peace and reconciliation among their suffering brothers and sisters in Assam. (Fr William)

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