Thursday, November 13, 2014

Br. Eneriz  Manuel (Manolo)
Br. Eneriz  Manuel (Manolo) (GUJ) 88/67, expired around  2.45 p.m on 12 Nov 2014 in the Hospital at Baroda.

The funeral will be held at 9 a.m in  the  Catholic Church, Anand  on 13 Nov 2014 .
May the departed soul rest in peace.
Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj SJ

He came to India in 1953 and since then he had been the faithful handyman at Anand Press. His contribution to Anand Press has been enormous not only in solving every kind of mechanical problems but also dealing with many human problems. With his innate gentleness, characteristic simplicity, unassuming personality, genial temperament and unfailing goodness, he had been able to exert a wholesome and pacifying influence on the workers in the press. Even when he had to face unrefined behavior, aggressive attitudes and downright insults, he took it all in stride, never losing his perspective and eventually bringing the recalcitrant back o the path of reason and right conduct. Like the Master who had always been his modal and strength, he had been a man of forgiveness and forbearance, accepting, encouraging and comforting, even those who had been difficult to deal with. He had been very patient in training new recruits, in demanding standards of excellence from the workers and always showing them the way by his own personal example of total dedication. Even though a brand new office was put at his disposal, he preferred to walk around among the workers and the machines.

Though he had been one of the strong pillars of Anand press, for whose phenomenal fame he had been one of the main causes, he had manifested exemplary humility by choosing to avoid the limelight and instead to be content with being an assistant for over 5 decades. Jesuits and coworkers had been edified by his humility, sense of humor, infectious joy and his ability to laugh at himself and make others laugh with him.

Personal Information:
Name: Manuel Eneriz Erdozain
Birth: 28-02-1926
Entered the SJ: 10-01-1947
Final Vows: 02-02-1957

Responsibilities Held:
Asst manager of the press at Anand: 1953-2006

Infirmary at Baroda: 2006- 2014

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