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Br.Paul Macwan Passed away on 25 Dec 2014


Br. Paul Macwan (GUJ) 76/53, died in an  accident between Umerpada and Mandvi  this evening on 25 Dec 2014. He was travelling with Fr.Aubrey Fernandes, who is hospitalized now.

The funeral of Br.Paul Macwan  will be held in St.Joseph Church Baroda, on 26 Dec 2014 ( Friday) at 3.30 p.m.- Socius

May the soul of the departed  rest in peace.

Br Paul Macwan SJ

Br. Paul Macwan was inspired to join the Society while he was doing his primary school at Nadiad, by observing the saintly life of Br. Augustine Lobo. He joined the novitiate at Vinayalaya, Mumbai, in 1961.

After spending four years in Vinayalaya, for his noviciate and juniorate, he was sent to De Nobili College, Pune. That was his home for 15 years till 1980. He was moulded there and had been in charge of several offices, including being the first Brother Minister of De Nobili College. He was the founding member of De Nobili College Trust.

In 1980, he was sent to the Thailand Border to serve the refugees of Cambodia and Vietnam, at the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees. Paul was in charge of coordinating the construction works, sanitation, electricity and water supply of the camp for over 50,000 refugees. He received a letter of merit from the UN High Commission and a congratulation letter from the then General Fr. Aruppe.

In 1981, Paul was sent to Dediapada and worked there for seven years as Treasurer, Farm Manager, In Charge of Social Work and Secretary of Adivasi Samajik Kendra Dediapada, Relva and Nani Sigloti. He collaborated with Fr. Berechi in starting the first educational project in South Gujarat, opening three Primary schools, a High school and later on a Higher Secondary school. At the same time He was asked by Fr. Berechi to improve the management of the milk cooperative society. So he went to NDDB, Anand for a course in the relevant skills.

From Dediapada he was sent to Africa (Ethiopia). It was one of his dreams fulfilled. He was given charge as Field Director of JRS, and had to oversee a huge multi project: establishing 70,000 displaced people of that country. The project was contracted with the government of Ethiopia which acknowledged the JRS project as a model project. There too Paul was given a letter of appreciation by the Ministry of Health. The Provincial of East Africa with the approval of the Gujarat Provincial, wanted to send him to Somalia for refugee work there.

In the meantime he was asked to join his tertianship at Bangalore in1989. At Bangalore he also did a diploma course in catechetic. Since he could not obtain a visa to Somalia, he was sent to Khambhat mission in 1990.

At Khambhat he worked for eight years as an Administrator, Treasurer and the director of Agricultural project, building the high school, hostel, renovating the Fathers’ residence and building a compound wall. He was also in charge of buying land and building a school, hostels and a convent at Varasada and the Shrine and the Retreat House in Nagra. He also took care of the construction of the extension of St Xavier’s, Gandhinagar.

The sudden demise of Fr. Herero at Ankleshwar resulted in the transfer of Paul to  take charge of completing the construction of one wing of the Technical school and the fathers’ residence at Catholic Church, Ankleshwar.

In 1998 he was called to Premal Jyoti, Ahmedabad, to work in the Province Curia. He was appointed Province Treasurer, the first Brother to hold the job. He was also the Province Revisor of Arcarum and Domorum and the Director of XKM Vehicle Office. He was a secretary and treasurer of the Province-run trusts including the Secretary of Xavier Kelvani Mandal Pvt. Ltd. He resided with the community of Gurjarvani. There too he was made Secretary of the Gurjarvani Society and given the charge to supervise the building of the Parish Church (Prayer Hall) on the college campus.

Paul had been trustee of several trusts and had taken keen interest in the development of many centres. Paul was very reliable. He was very good in human relationships. He made friends easily and his friendships lasted long. He was a good administrator, and good at organizing things. He was good at accounts. He was creative. He wrote and spoke well, especially in Gujarati. Before joining the Society he had written a play which was staged at the Town Hall in Baroda.

Since Last 20 years he was assisting a centre for the handicapped children run by an ex-Jesuit Brother at Inderanaj in Varasada mission.

In 2010, he was given a year off to study scripture, Catholic doctrine and catechetics to help in the Pastoral line and for his own spiritual good. In 2014, he was appointed, Treasurer, Building Incharge and Farm Incharge at Nanisingaloti.

With best wishes and in Union of Prayers,
Socius- Gujarat Province

Fr.Lawrence Dharmaraj

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