Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scholastic Sammelan -- Anoob Mattekadan


Scholastic Sammelan
Like every year the Scholastics of our Province were eagerly awaiting for their Summer Programmes. They were assigned with various tasks at various places in the Province. On 19th May the Sholastics gathered in Loyola and began their Scholastic Sammelan. The Programmes were very well organized by the SPOC and the PCF, Fr. Lawrence Dharmaraj. As this year was dedicated to the ministry of Education, the Scholastics were privileged to listen to some eminent persons in the ministry of education. We thank Frs. Vincent Braganza, Durai Fernand, Amalraj Jagannathan, K.P. Vincent and Mrs. Ingrid Rozario. The PCF, the Provincial and the POSA addressed us with their valuable inputs. We had a day to escape from the scorching sun in a water park at Mehsana. The picnic was sponsored by the Mandali mission. Fr. Raju was a great helping hand and the person behind the success of it. The food, accommodation and the facilities in Loyola were excellent. And generous hospitality of the community deserves a special mention. The men who brought the success of the programme were the SPOC; Simon, Harry and Sanjay Parmar. The Scolastics bade farewell to the Deacons Sunil Macwan and Cyprian Monis. After the lunch on 23rd May we said bye to each other and said that we would meet together next year.
Scho.Anoob Mattekadan.

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