Monday, May 31, 2010

Scholastics Sammelan -Simon, Jonh Paul, and Anoob

John Paul
Picnic To Mandali

Like every year the Scholastics of our Province were involved with various tasks at different places in the Province, during the months of April and May. On 19 May they gathered at Loyola Hall, Ahmedabad, for the Sammelan. The programmes were very well organized by the SPOC and the PCF, Fr Lawrence Dharmaraj. This year’s theme was on the ministry of Education, and the scholastics were privileged to listen to eminent persons in education. Fr Vincent Braganza shared his vision on ‘Higher Education’ and said that ‘to be an intellectual is to reflect’. He also insisted that we all are called not only to go and grow but to glow and be a light to others. Fr Durai Fernand and Mrs Ingrid de Rozario addressed the vibrant and young group of 32 scholastics on the importance of primary and secondary education, stressing the involvement of lay persons. Fr Amalraj Jeganathan gave first-hand information on RTE (Right to Education). Fr K P Vincent spoke on the usefulness of technical education especially in technically and industrially advanced states like Gujarat.
Fr Keith Abranches’ topic was ‘Towards a new frontier together’. He dealt mainly on the five
topics which were discussed at the West Zone followup meeting held at Vinayalaya, Mumbai. Lawrence Dharmaraj and Deacon Sunil Macwan, who also participated in the latter meeting spoke with conviction and the need to venture out of our 4-walled security
and get involved in the world around. We had the privilege of meeting our POSA, Fr Edward Mudavassery. It was his first visit to the province. In his talk he insisted on the fact that we
need to prepare men for universal mission. Later, he was reminded us that we as one province are not only hidden from South Asian Assistancy but we are a ‘hidden treasure’ which cannot be lost but be rediscovered and reshaped for the universal mission.
We had a day in a Water Park at Mehsana, to escape from the scorching 46 degree summer heat. The picnic was sponsored by the Mandali mission. Thanks to Fr Rajendran Vedamuthu Fr Durai and the Loyola Hall Community were very generous by allowing us the use of the grounds for
fun and relaxation and the swimming pool to cool ourselves. Sumptuous meals were served on all days.
Thanks a million to them .The men who brought success to the programme were the SPOC; Simon, Harry and Sanjay Parmar. The scholastics bade farewell to the Deacons Sunil Macwan and Cyprian Monis. After the final evaluation we proceeded to Jeevan Darshan for the annual retreat directed by Fr James B. Dabhi. (Simon Thomas, John Paul Lobo and Anoob)

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