Saturday, May 5, 2012

Golden Jubilee Celebration - fr. Xavier Manjooran

Dear Friends,
It is 50 years since I joined the Society of Jesus. I cannot imagine I have completed half a century as a Jesuit and so this year is the Golden Jubilee of entrance into the Society of Jesus. In fact it was a great joy when all of us who joined the Society of Jesus in 1962 came together on 17-19 March 2012 at Baga, Goa and spent few days to experience and to renew our companionship and share our experience. As we spent time together we realized how much God and people have done for us…….

As the years go by and life becomes a routine it is normal that we take for granted people, events and many experiences in life. When I look back I realize that I too have taken many things for granted. But now I want to acknowledge the contribution made by many in my life and the events that have shaped my life.  You are one of those who have contributed to my growth as a person and helped me to live happily as a Jesuit. As I thank God for your intervention and contribution in my life I remember you with gratitude and will be happy if you can come to Rajpipla when our centre, Rajpipla Social Service Society is celebrating my Jubilee with a thanks giving Eucharist and a meal together on 12th May with the Adivasis and other friends with whom I work and share my life.

Please continue your payers, love and support as you have been doing all these years.
Yours affectionately  and gratefully,
Xavier Manjooran, SJ

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