Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Songadh Meet - Fr.Raymund Chauhan s.j

Songadh Meet

On 22 April, all the South Gujarat Jesuit-missions’ roads led to Shakti, Songadh. Some might wonder as to what was the magnetic pull that drew more than 50 participants – Jesuit Parish Priests, Jesuit Priests In-charge of hostels and the lay prefects. Following the mandate given by the Provincial, Fr Changa, the Jesuits of South Gujarat Missions took upon themselves the responsibility of planning for the coming academic year 2012-2013, some basic minimum program in common in their respective hostels.

The common minimum programme, based on the South Gujarat Jesuit-run hostels policy prepared in 2008, included aspects such as personality development, value-based formation, tribal culture and identity, Faith formation for Catholic students and moral science for the non-Catholic students. Moreover, in collaboration with the invited 3 lay resource persons, they chalked out activities which would take care of the quality education particularly excellence in the field of academics. To ensure this in the schools and hostels, activities such as motivation, orientation and study techniques have been planned meticulously. In order to guide our tribal students with regard to their future orientation, short courses like career guidance and technical guidance have been given priority. The 11th and 12th standards students need to be prepared to face life with all it offers. Hence a short course in Sex Education has been made part of the formation.

The spirit of union of minds and hearts united the Jesuits of South Gujarat, in the sense that both the North-South district and South-South district decided to work together for this programme of the South Gujarat Jesuit-run hostels. The two district coordinators – Frs Ishwan Gamit and James Vas – worked seriously to bring all under one umbrella at Shakti, Songadh. The spirit behind the whole movement was the core group consisting of Frs Raymund Chauhan, Francis Macwan and Amalraj Jeganathan. They left no stone unturned to prepare in detail a file for centre which contained all the necessary information for planning of different activities in the hostels. Hats off to them for their selfless service to the tribal students, and the Jesuits who are in South Gujrat at present.

Sensing the mood of the coordinators and the core group, Fr Provincial and Fr Socius made it a point to be present and shared with the Jesuits inspiring words for the Strategic Apostolic Planning in South Gujarat. All appreciated the food for thought as much as they enjoyed the delicious food served by Fr Vincent Mooken and the team at Shakti, Songadh. (Fr Raymund)

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