Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yuva sammelan, Unai - Fr.Sunil Macwan

Yuva Sammelan, Unai

Unai, Bardipada and Vyara jointly organized a successful Yuva Sammelan at Unai recently. One hundred and forty boys and girls gathered at Jivan Jyot Unai on April 21st. The first day of the gathering was devoted to light hearted activities including a picnic to Waghai and Pimpri. Sr Rubina ccv and her team quickly put the group through the registration process as the youth arrived. Next, Fr Ronnie Saldanha conducted a lengthy ice-breaking session to the great delight of the participants. After lunch the youth tried their hand at leaf painting. The youthfulness and creativity of the participants were evident in their instantly made paintings! The evening was spent in Waghai and Pimpri. It was the most entertaining time of the day as all boys and girls freely mingled with one another at the botanical garden. They continued to revel in their togetherness at the river bank in Pimpri. Then all sat together in reverential silence for a while as Fr Sundar Vasava led the group into evening prayer. After a tasty dinner offered by Jivan Jyot Pimpri our youth spontaneously began dancing in unison to the rhythmic tunes of adivasi naach. We returned to Jivan Jyot Unai at 10.00 pm and quickly hit the bed!

The next day, April 22nd, was devoted to serious sessions. Fr Lazarus D’Souza, Superior of Unai and Bardipada officiated at the Eucharist with a thought-provoking homily. The Youth animated the mass centre-wise with an entrance dance, Offertory Tree and ‘vidaai naach’. Thereafter in the first session of the day, Fr Ronnie and Sr Rubina held a lively discussion with the group on the dreams, goals, opportunities and challenges of the South Gujarat Adivasi Youth today. The next session was conducted by guest speakers. Mr Anand Vasava (Ahmedabad), Mr Prakash Gamit (Ahwa) and Ms Sumitra Kokni (Pimpri) led the group into a meaningful discussion on issues such as suicides and addiction among the adivasi youth in South Gujarat. The post lunch penultimate session of the day was audio visual. Four short video clips were screened for the group followed by a touching sharing by boys and girls on topics such as respecting and caring for old parents, initiating action for a public cause, having a never-say-die attitude in life and making a choice for the greater good in life.
Before closing the yuva sammelan Fr Saldanha conducted an evaluation of the entire programme wherein the group strongly expressed to have a follow up of this gathering in near future. The organizers would like to express sincere thanks to Fr Lazarus D’Souza, Fr Hasmukh Parmar and the team of volunteers from Jivan Jyot Unai led by Mr Vinod Vasava for their support, encouragement and hard work in making this Yuva Sammelan a truly memorable event. (Fr Sunil Macwan)

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