Friday, November 29, 2013

Ending the Year of Faith in S. Gujarat By Fr.Vally de Souza

Ending the Year of Faith in S. Gujarat

To the sound of ALLELUIAS rising like a benign mushroom cloud into the atmosphere of South Gujarat,  the Year of Faith came to a glorious end. People of many faiths or no faith gathered in the thousands packing the large, colourful tent designed to accommodate ten thousand devotees.
 The star of the celebration was undoubtedly Fr Anil Dev whose  faith in and love for the Word of God gave life, joy and vibrancy to the occasion. He is the charismatic head of Matrudham Ashram in Varanasi where thousands, mostly Hindus, gather every week-end to listen to the Word of God free from the complexities of ritual and Canon law. (Watch him on U Tube or the TV channel ZeeJagran). He was ably supported by a team of lay preachers while a group of lay men and women prayed night and day out of sight in the chapel for the gift of the Spirit for preachers and faithful all through the event.
South Gujarat Catholics were well represented: devotees from 23 of 24 mission centres, from Jhalod in the North to Borpada in the South, made it to the festival of faith. Distance did not deter Bishop Godfrey and the Jesuit Provincial Changa from attending it. Accomodation was provided in the hostels of the school, and Mahila Mandal halls for those who stayed overnight. A community kitchen  on the grounds of Jagruti H. School  run by the  Christian Brothers provided meals, tea and snacks for those who attended the sessions. Snehdhara Hostel and Dispensary were constantly alert to the needs of the participants. 
Credit for the obvious success of the function goes to the members of the Parish Council of Mandal and their parish priest, Frs Kishore and Francis D’Sa who met every month for a year to plan the event. They had the generous help and experience of Fr James Vaz who had earlier staged the opening of the Year of Faith in Dadhwada. Those who had it generously lent their expertise to the different kinds of tasks that had to be done. It was  heartening to see the enthusiasm and joyous spirit with which the lay leaders, men and women, went about the tasks they had planned and taken responsibility for with a minimum  of supervision but with great joy and spirit.
Fr Francis D’Sa prepared a brand new choir of boys and girls and a group of altar servers that included girls in smart uniforms just for the occasion.. Fr Jelastin used his expertise in Charismatic preaching, prayer and singing to prepare the parish for the event with retreats in the villages and filled in for  the main preacher during breaks.
Some of the usual measurements of success of a mass meeting do not apply to a Bible Convention: attendance figures and  cash totals. Shared experiences after the Convention revealed the presence of unusual levels of joy, peace, kindness, sharing, and cooperation among the leaders and volunteers and the almost total absence of competition, in-fighting, envy and jealousy. It’s what made running such a large Convention child’s play and convinced the volunteers of the powerful presence of the Spirit at the Convention.  

An offshoot of the event was the interest of the missionaries of South Gujarat in the missionary methods of the Ashram in Varanasi so well adapted to the culture and  genius of the nation. Fr Anil has agreed to return in the very near future to train the missionaries and lay leaders of South Gujarat in the approach he has developed. He stressed the importance of breaking the Word of God for the continued development of the faith of the people. (Vally de Souza)

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