Friday, November 15, 2013

Pioneer Missionaries remembered - Fr.William Macwan

Pioneer Missionaries remembered

After publishing his “Catechist Smritigranth”, Fr William’s long-cherished dream and a keen desire was fulfilled when his new book ‘Gurjar Bhoomima Shubhsandeshana Chhadidaro’ was released by Bishop Thomas Macwan on 6 October in Mogri village, the cradle of Catholic Church in Gujarat. The volume pays homage to the pioneer missionaries, especially the Jesuits, who brought the message of Jesus to Gujarat The occasion was 121st anniversary of the first Baptisms confirmed on 18 neophytes in the village. The book contains write-up on 3 diocesan and 42 Jesuits (2 German and 40 Spaniards) who laboured in the Charotar vineyard of the Lord. In the preface a brief history of the “avela” Spanish Jesuits replacing the German Jesuits is also related. The book is a precious Jesuit missionary inheritance worth preserving and a glowing tribute to the missionary spirit of the Society of Jesus worth imitating. The matter is collected mostly from the available obituaries, conversation with the elderly Catholics who still cherish the happy memories of the deceased missionaries and some write ups by Jesuits of the Province.

On the following day, during a brief ceremony at Jeevan Darshan, Vadodara, Fr William presented Fr Provincial with the book and also gave it as a gift to all the Superiors of various Jesuit communities gathered there for their meeting. Fr William felt that something worthwhile was accomplished through him both as a director of Rishta - the Gujarat Jesuit Writers’ Cell and as a Jesuit member of the Province. The Jesuit Superiors served themselves generously from the boxes containing the books! Fr William, however, was relieved of his anxiety when the director of GSP informed him that he would pay the Anand Press bill! Fr William would like to expresses his gratitude to the manager of Anand Press who spared no efforts to get the book ready within a very short time. (Fr William)

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