Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Super Jubilarian - Fr.Jerry Sequeira

Super Jubilarian

Super Jubilarian Fr Pariza created history in Anand on 1 October 2013. It had been raining heavily during the week and it was impossible to plan any programme in the open for three thousand people. The Jesuit community of Anand and the parishioners planned to have the event on the ground floor of English Medium school extended by a water proof shamina. It rained till noon and then it brightened. All dark clouds disappeared from the sky and a bright sun dried up all the water from the area. At the function,.80 women of the parish felicitated Fr Pariza in Gujarati style with pots on their heads, called Samayyu. Two special horse carts (Bagi) were ordered by the parishioners. Fr Provincial and Fr Pariza sat in the front Bagi. Men women and children danced half a kilometre’s length from Pushpa Vihar Convent to St Xavier’s School. In the second bagi the bishop of Baroda Godfrey Rozario was accompanied by Frs Jerry Sequeira and Albert Delgado. The parishioners arranged devotional hymns so people danced to the tune of Bhajans. The dancing continued in the school compound and even some Jesuits were seen dancing.

Fr Pariza celebrated the Eucharist accompanied by the bishops of Ahmedabad and Baroda, Fr Jose Changanacherry and Fr Jerry at the altar. 50 priests concelebrated from all over Gujarat landed in Anand. There were more than 2500 people for the celebration. Anand parish choir rose up to the occasion. The voice of Fr Pariza was loud and clear.  After the Mass, Fr Provincial translated into Gujarat the English letter of Fr General congratulating Fr Pariza. The following morning Fr Pariza complained that he was not given the copy of the letter.  Fr Pariza has read more into the letter saying “Fr General is going to come to Anand when I celebrate my centenary in 2017.”  The youth of the parish prepared an exhibition about the life of Pariza which was kept open for a week. Anand Parish Council Members had collected Rs 3,00,000 and presented to Fr Pariza. This money is put in the parish scholarship fund. Every year the interest will be given to deserving students for their studies in memory of Fr Pariza. BBN carried video and pictures all over the world.

The programme was planned and executed within short notice. There was air of joy and happiness among the participants. We thank all those people came from far and near and graced the occasion. (Jerry Sequeira)

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