Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sri Lanka- Juniorate - Gavit Kishore

Sri Lanka- Juniorate

At the end of October the Juniorate in Sri Lanka finished its first term. The juniorate was opened on the 4th of July. Fr Provincial celebrated the Holy Eucharist and Fr Oscar (Bom) The junior master introduced the syllabus in his Lectio Brevis. We are 8 juniors from different provinces. Two are from Bangladesh, one is from Bombay, one from Gujarat and four from Sri Lanka. Fr Aloy Vanderwall is our spiritual director and also takes the scripture class on Wednesdays. Fr Oscar our junior master has drilled us in English grammar, composition, phonetics, textbook & public speaking. At present we are even tackling Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Besides we also have had classes on the History and Spirituality of our Society.

On August 26, the province inaugurated its Golden Jubilee year. The juniors were part of the liturgical committee and prepared beautiful hymns under the guidance of Br Patrick. The next three days there was a province assembly where all the Jesuits of the Province came together and shared their views and difficulties about the past especially during the war. On October 26 & 27 when people were celebrating Diwali & New Year in India, we too, celebrated it with our First Term Examination. On the 27th evening we began our Triduum. Fr Lasanta guided us in the Triduum, and on 31 Oct., feast of St. Alphonsus Rodriguez we renewed our Vows. (Gavit Kishor)

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