Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ordination at Unteshwari - By Prasad Bhai

To view the Ordination ceremony:

Over 2300 laity, 84 sisters, 93 priests, and 2 bishops got together to ordain Kamlesh Kantilal Raval SJ and Kiran Dahyabhai Gohil (orig. Umreth ) of the Gandhinagar archdiocese. Their appointment places, Bhiloda and Deesa respectively, made a good chunk of this melo gathering on the sand-lawns of Unteshwari on 27th. December ’11 at 10.30 am.
Many played their part well in this collaborative achievement: Sr. Binita of Kalol St Ann’s got the entrance dance done; Deesa parish supplied two Chatris for thesamaiyu and two backdrop banners of Jagprakash Isu blessing the two deacons; Mandali Raju SJ guided the Sanman Vidhi of garlands/shawls/sanmanpatra and the release of ‘The History of North Gujarat Mission Vol. II’ ed. Jose Panadan SJ.; Mandali Gariz Bapu arranged sponsors for the bountiful five-course meal; Sandhya Vishram’s Sr. Jyotsna coordinated the choir of Unteshwari youth while Sr. A. Mary arranged the samaiyu baheno; Madhurya Bhavan sisters supplied the impeccable vestments and over-all needs for the Rite and Mass; the Gujarat SJ supplied the Provincial, Socius, and Kamlesh; The Ahmedabad diocese supplied Rev. Bishop Thomas  and Kiran; The Gandhinagar archdiocese supplied the acolytes, a V.G., and Rev. Archbishop and hopefully some of the expenses; Kantibhai and Champaben Raval and Dahyabhai and Susheelaben Gohil offered their sons; Unteshwari parish filled in the blanks; and God, our beloved Bapu, smiled on everything with UPS, water, goodwill, and plentiful outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
The happiest man on earth was Gariz Bapu who quoted Pope Benedict XIV to explain why there is greater joy in one priest’s ordination than in thousands of converts. After three professed sisters, this first ordination from the Ravals mahor maryu on the rooting of the N. Guj. Church.
The next day, 28th. Dec. at Kalol, the same sisters-priests, diocesan-jesuits, N. Guj.-Kheda coworking was repeated. The first mass and the lipsmacking lunch were the fruit of days of hard work of Kalol parishioners with Velankanni, James Savari and Alex Thannipara. The day’s celebrations had three parts: the samaiyu from gate to Church; Kamlesh’s Mass with Archbishop Stanny and Fr. Provincial Changa sj,; and the sanman of all – the ordained, the ordainer, the 12 priests, and the 14 sisters present. The faithful faithfully rendered,”Bolo Isu Bhagwanki Jai, Unteshwari Mataki Jai, Satgurudevaki jai” the number of times over twice the number of those sanmanned. The ceremony ended with a long line of gifts and greetings of those dear to Kamlesh. Kiran’s full troupe attended but had to leave before 2 pm to reach Umreth in time for his first mass at five pm. May Our Lord keep blessing Kamlesh and Kiran on the long road of priestly ministry they have just begun.

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